How an Amateur Can Evaluate Speakers

Choosing speakers for your home stereo system can be a fun and exciting process. It can also be a little overwhelming with so many choices available. It’s best to evaluate your main priorities for what your speakers will be used for when deciding on the type to purchase. Are you strictly a movie lover and want to enjoy the ambience that surround sound systems provide, or will you be using your speakers for listening to the pleasurable tones of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Cantata No. 147, performed by the Boston Symphony? This is the first decision you must make according to your listening criteria.

The next step in evaluating speakers is to head to your local electronics store that sells these units. Listening is the best way to know what sounds good to your ears. Don’t look at any of the prices or brands of speakers and start listening to each model. A professional audio shop will usually let you listen to your own CDs or movie scores. Take your favorite tracks and listen to them thoroughly through different types of speakers. Techno, classical and rock music such as Santana are excellent choices often used to evaluate speakers. Of course, you have your own preferences and should use music that suits your tastes and desires.

After listening to many different speakers, decide on a pair that fits your budget. Speakers can last a number of years, so it’s generally acceptable to purchase a pair that may be priced slightly higher than your budget allows. As long as you aren’t a rock ‘n roll fan that loves to crank their amplifier up to ten, your speakers should last for a considerable amount of time.

Surround sound systems that offer a subwoofer, center channel, front speakers and rear speakers are often chosen by many audio and visual enthusiasts. They produce rich sounds that are excellent for both movie viewers and music lovers.

The subwoofer offers bass sounds for both movies that have bombs blasting or music that has drums humming along with trumpets or guitars. The surround sound systems speakers in the front and rear produce symphony type listening for audiophiles and a realistic feeling that you’re right there in the middle of the action during the viewing of your favorite movie.

Use your gut instinct when deciding on the final choice of speakers for your system. Listening to different types of speakers really helps that choice become clear. Watch out for artificially enhanced bass or “s” sounds that sound too hissy and bright. Your ears will know what sounds great.

Take your time and evaluate as many speakers as you can. If you’re in a rush, check out the surround sound systems first. They offer a great sound in a complete package for both movie hounds and music enthusiasts.

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