How Accurate is

One of the biggest determining factors in whether an Internet provider is living up to their end of the bargain or not is whether or not they are providing customers with the Internet speeds they promised. There are numerous Internet providers that promise customers one Internet speed and then don’t provide it with the hopes that customers might never find out.

This leads to the major question of ‘how can you find out what Internet speeds the computer that is being used receives’. The answer is relatively simple – by using an Internet speed testing website like

What is is a website that is designed to help Internet customers test the upload and download speeds of their Internet provider. The website is free to use and takes just minutes to use and receive test results for a specific Internet provider.

How Does Work? works by providing Internet customers with hundreds of different test points to choose from. Each test point is connected to a server in that location and allows customers to test their Internet upload and download speeds.

Using their web browser and visiting the website, an Internet user will select a server and will send a packet of information to that server. This tests the upload speeds of the Internet that is currently being used.

Once the upload speeds have been tested, will then test download speeds. This is done by having website send a small packet of information to the computer and test the time it takes for the computer or Internet to receive that information.

When all this is done the upload and download speeds are provided. Internet customers can then compare it to the speeds their Internet provider promised them in their package.

How Accurate is

Many people wonder exactly how accurate really is. The answer is that is fairly accurate. is so accurate that many technicians for Internet providers ranging from Seattle cable Internet providers to Sacramento broadband providers use it to test Internet speeds. The website has been tested by numerous independent resources which all verified that the speed test is accurate and safe to use.

Can Other Things Impact the Results?

Occasionally when an Internet user uses the results may not be as fast as they should be. This can be a result of a number of factors.

The biggest thing that impacts the results of is malware or spyware. Malware and spyware can slow down a computer’s Internet speed. The results might show slow Internet speeds, but it isn’t because of the Internet provider but because of hazardous software that has been downloaded to the computer.

Another thing that can impact the results of is weather. Some computer users may select a server that is located in a region that is facing intermittent weather. Weather can impact the speed at which the actual server that is being used sends and receives the packet of information. If this happens it results in showing slower speeds than normal.

The last thing that impacts the results of is the amount of users that are using a particular server. Occasionally multiple Internet users will select the same server at the same time. This overwhelms the server and causes it to slow down. The results of the test will come back slower than expected because the server is overwhelmed and slowed down to process the information.

Overall is a reliable, safe website to use to test Internet connection speeds.

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