Home Improvement Meets High Tech: 6 Home Improvement Tech Tips

Looking for new high-tech ways to make your home improvement projects easier? Here are six ways that tech markets are revolutionizing those tricky home improvement jobs.

1. New tech materials

From carbon fibers to air-injected gels, a variety of new high-tech materials has arrived in the home improvement industry, remaking traditional tools into new versions that are more durable and useful. As a result, we now have removable caps for hammers, better grips, magnetic screwdrivers, and a variety of other highly evolved tools.

2. Combined tools

Why buy two separate tools when you can purchase one? Today we have plenty of tool combos that make jobs easier. Toolboxes come with built-in vacuum cleaners to help store tools and clean up small messes. Drills come equipped with studfinders and lights.

Everything is available in more compact, multi-purpose models ideal for the busy homeowner.

3. New digital devices

Studfinders are only the start of handy home sensor technology. Old levels have been replaced with newer laser levels that beam laser lines on your walls. Screwdrivers and drills come with sensors that show how much torque you’re applying.

Electricity meters swiftly show you the electric flow properties of wire. Advanced lasers can even do your measuring for you in the latest measuring tape devices.

4. Handy apps

Apps now have a place in the home improvement line-up. For example, you can use the popular home improvement community and manual Houzz to access instructions and advice immediately on your smartphone, wherever you are. If you want to complete a more specific task, search for the right kind of app — such as “How to Paint Anything,” which tells you how to paint nearly any type of material the right way.

When in doubt, you can also use your smartphone to search for local cleaning services or contractors and give one a quick call.

5. Home automation

Home automation allows you to secure doors and windows, control your heating systems, and receive automatic updates if anything goes wrong. While these new technologies may not help you repair broken faucets, they can offer you better security and monitoring for your home.

6. Lowe’s Vines

There are lots of online sources for home improvement help (Houzz is only one example). But Lowe’s Vines deserves special recognition because it uses some of the latest microvideo technology to provide quick home tips in an easy-to-access social network environment.

You may not be able to search for the exact solution you need, but you can certainly find a lot of ideas in a short amount of time, and the site constantly adds new Vine posts.

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