Healthy, Happy, and Home Safe: Apps for Active Pet Owners

Pets are like family for many. The animals are treated with love, respect, and caring much like that of a child. Many pet owners even refer to their pets as their adopted children. Some owners go to extreme, almost neurotic, lengths to care for their pets. They carry them in purses. They build sanctuaries in their homes for the animals. With social media, not a day goes by where a pet owner’s friend is greeted with daily pictures or news about the beloved pets that enrich their lives.

But bragging isn’t the only thing technology is allowing pet owners to do. Below are some apps that help pets and their owners connect with friends and be informed on their pet’s lives.


Sponsored and presented by the Purina Company, Petcentric is a total pet lovers social media application. Owners and animal lovers alike are able to search a database regarding breeds of cat or dog, get product information, and receive pet-specific news. A cool feature about this app is that it has a search and review element that very much resembles that of Pet owners can search, rate, and review various pet oriented and pet friendly places using the app.


The internet is loaded with cute pictures submitted by their owners. Sometimes a cute pet, like Grumpy Cat become online sensations. The difficult part is getting the pet to cooperate with the owner to take pictures. Petsnap works much like other photo sharing applications in that it allows owners to take a snapshot and post them on linked social media accounts. Where Petsnap differs is that the app makes noises that attract the pet’s attention enabling the owner to get the perfect shot.

iKibble Free

A couple years back, the news headlines roared of a contaminated pet food scare originating from China. This was causing pets to become sick and even dying before their time. This scare along with the choice for creating a healthier and more natural diet prompted for the iKibble Free app to be developed. With the app, pet owners are able to build diets for their pets using the same foods their owners eat. Like a menu app for pets, owners can learn new recipes and monitor what table foods are good for their pets and which aren’t.

My PetED

Like most people, pets also have an extensive record of their health care needs. Ranging from shot records to medicines, pets can have a medical record that reads like a portfolio. My PetED organizes that information for owners and tracks when certain vaccinations or treatments need updating. By building a profile of the pet in the app and entering the applicable current information, My PetED then organizes that information. News and social updates are also included in the app which keep the owner involved and informed in their pets’ lives.

There are many great applications out there that keep pet owners in the know about their furry, feathery, and scaly friends. These range from fun snapshot apps that will help the pet go viral on the internet to sites devoted to pet health find the right pooch and even organizational apps used to keep their owners up to date on their needs. Pet lovers and their friends don’t need to search far to find a great app to suit their needs.

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