Get Ready to Love Happy Meals All Over Again


Remember when McDonald’s happy meals actually had toys you wanted, and everyone went on a cheeseburger high to collect them all? It’s been a long time coming, but you’re about to re-discover your love of happy meals all over again.

The fast food giant with the golden arches will be including Pokemon X and Y toys and cards in the next generation of toy lineups, and the news has toy collectors geeking out. Technically, the first releases appeared in October 2013 (though not at McDonald’s), but these are going to be brand-new contributions.

For those who haven’t kept up, Pokemon’s latest film was released in 3D and is doing a phenomenal amount of business. That means online battling and trading is in high gear.

Poke fever is on a roll, and it’s not slowing down any time soon. On the other hand, McDonald’s has also been enjoying a happy meal revival with My Little Pony and Skylander campaigns, which have been dishing up impressive reviews.

This is the year of Pokemon, since the Japanese film release is stirring up a healthy buzz around the globe.

Something for everyone

Releasing a toy that appeals to both kids and adults is a smart move for the restaurant chain, and aligns with the latest smart marketing practices adopted by SEO firms, retailers and hospitality industries alike. As Americans are slowly but steadily eating healthier, the fast-food giant is shifting some attention to portion control.

The surprising truth for many is that happy meals, while perennially marketed for children, are actually an appropriate meal size for adults. Collectors of any age can simply scan the items into the mobile app and instantly unlock games, compliments of McDonald’s.

The details of the Pokemon TCG cards that will be inserted in future happy meals haven’t yet been released. However, if you’re only a toy collector, don’t expect store quality from a freebie.

It’s been reported that the Poke Balls aren’t actually game items, but they limit the aesthetics of Pokemon. On the other hand, specialized TCG cards might be worth more than the couple of bucks you pay for the meal, so stay tuned.

Dust off your collector skills

Keep an eye on your local McDonald’s to observe when the Pokemon takeover starts. If it’s been awhile since you perfected catching them all, this is a great (and slightly healthier) way to get back on board.

Plus, if it’s been awhile since you’ve been to a McDonald’s, you’ll be glad to know the options now include fruit slices instead of fries, as well as a variety of juices.


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