Geeking Out … Over Landline Phones?


Who has a land line anymore except your grandmother? To tell the truth, a number of self-described geeks do, and they say it’s both for security and for style.

While most of the developed world is going mobile, and there will soon be more mobile devices than traditional PCs, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of the landline. Younger generations often have “just” mobile phones, and may not even recall a time when they had a “home phone number.”

But think about what happens in an emergency. The odds of landlines working when cell phones don’t may be high in certain instances. But if you don’t want to seem old-fashioned, check out one of the incredible home designs by Swiss Voice.

This company has been designing phones since 1893, and it’s built a reputation on marrying technology with gorgeous designs. Suddenly those bundling packages look a lot more attractive, when you have a show-off piece sitting on the foyer table.

The Swiss do it best

Don’t worry about your Swiss phone becoming outdated, because some mobiles offer all the landline security but with the mobility of a smartphone. For example, the ePure docks on your iPod charger and you can even stream music on it.

If a call rings through, use a hands-free feature or pick it up old-school style. It has all the “classic” features such as speaker phone, but you can also wander around the house with it for a lightweight boom box.

Of course there are also non-iPhone versions that let you connect the device to any smartphone via a USB port. Don’t have a compatible dock, or feel that you’re ready for a new one? Swiss Voice also offers this device.

Plus, you can connect your landline to your smartphone to take calls on either. This can be tremendously helpful for families who want to stay connected during emergency calls but you don’t want the kids texting and Facebooking at the dinner table.

There’s no more excuse of a potential “emergency” when the landline is on it.

An affordable option

Do you still think this kind of phone is a waste of money? The options currently max out at just under $200, but there are some great devices at less than $100.

That’s a fraction of the cost of the latest smartphone, and Swiss Voice builds devices with staying power. You’re not going to feel the pressure to upgrade the way we so often do with the latest smartphone releases, and you can rest a little easier at night knowing you’ll be connected in even the worst-case scenario.

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