Gadgets That Will Help You Sleep

High-quality sleep is vital for your health and mood on a daily basis. Snoring isn’t just annoying and embarrassing, it can actually be an early sign of sleep apnea, which can be dangerous if not treated.

You use devices and gadgets for everything else in life, so why not utilize the best to help you get better sleep?

An anti-snoring mouthpiece that taps into tongue displacement technology may be useful if your snoring (or worse, your partner’s) is the issue.

Most people will snore at some point in their lives, but when it becomes chronic, there’s a problem. For non-snorers, there are a few more gadgets to try.

There’s the right tool out there for everyone, but this list has been narrowed down to the very best. A solid night’s sleep might be just a few hours away.

Sleep like a baby

Maybe it’s been awhile (or maybe you don’t have kids) but white noise machines truly work. A great choice is the Marpac Dohm-NSF white noise machine, designed by a company that’s been in the business for more than 50 years.

The gentle sounds it produces can sooth you while drowning out uncontrollable background distractions such as the neighbor’s dog barking across the street. It’s ideal for anyone who struggles with light going-to-sleep issues.

Some people enjoy listening to soothing music (preferably instrumental) that can lull them to sleep. If this is you, but you’ve found even the cushiest of headphones a distraction, the Sleepsonic Stereo Speaker Pillow is a dream come true.

Enjoy a sound system that’s built right into your pillow. There’s even a model for moms-to-be and kids.

Geek sleep

Sleep Cycle is a great iPhone app that’s everything an alarm clock should be. It gathers your sleep pattern data and wakes you up while you’re in the right cycle.

According to sleep therapists and doctors, being in the right stage when you come out of REM is key to making the most of your sleep. Normally, your body does this naturally. The app knows when this happens and will begin a gentle wakeup sequence.

Finally, there’s the Zeo Sleep Manager Mobile, which is similar to Sleep Cycle but in non-Apple form. The big difference is that it’s half app and half brain wave tracker, through the use of a wireless headband.

It reads your brain waves, data is sent to your smartphone, and you get a report each morning on how well you slept. Most people are surprised by how little sleeping they do throughout the night. When you know more about what’s not working, you’ll be in a better position to choose the right tools to fix it.


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