Five Ways that Smartphone Apps Can Help People Stay Organized While Moving


Whether undertaking a cross-town move or a cross-country relocation, keeping all of the boxes organized can be a considerable challenge. In order to make the moving process as seamless as possible, web developers have created a variety of helpful smartphone apps that allows families to organize their belongings during a move. These apps continue to be useful for unpacking and home organization keep the new home free of clutter.

OneNote and EverNote

OneNote and EverNote are apps that can be used on smartphones. The user attaches images and can annotate the image with information. When packing for a move, users can take a photo of each box and annotate the image with the contents of the box. This makes organization and unpacking a much more convenient process.


NeatCloud is an app that acts as an online filing cabinet. During any move, there is a significant amount of paperwork. Leases, sub-lets, insurance information and financial documents can easily get mixed up or lost. NeatCloud acts as a way to store all of these important documents and creates a backup copy for future reference.

Compartments App

People with a Mac or iPad can download the Compartments app. This easy to navigate app allows users to keep track of what goes into each room of the home, explains this article on PC World Magazine online. The app looks like a spreadsheet and has spaces for users to put in a listing of items, the warranty information, serial numbers and purchase information. Users can also scan in a copy of the purchase receipt. Because receipts and warranty documents are easy to lose in a move, this app keeps it all together in one place. The app is also helpful if any items are lost, damaged or stolen during the move or in the future.


Doxo is an app that makes it easy to maintain a catalog of household information and possessions. Users can input the serial numbers of appliances, gadgets, bikes and tools for insurance and liability purposes. Doxo also allows users to create backup copies of important family documents such as passports, birth certificates, marriage licenses and auto titles. Because such documents can easily be lost in a move, having an electronic backup copy can be a lifesaver. Keeping track of setting up new utility services and shutting down the services at the old place is also easy with Doxo, as the app allows users to connect to local utility providers and request service setup, installation or shut-off.


Anyone with a large collection of printed books or e-books can use the Calibre app for desktops, laptops or smartphones to organize their books during a move. Calibre allows users to input the book’s ISBN to create a complete catalog. This software makes it easy for users to organize books by author, genre or even spine color. Best of all, Calibre software is free and does not require a license.

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