Five Helpful Suggestions For The Avid Toy Collector

We all have our favorite hobby to fill the spaces in our lives, and some of us just can’t get away from our love for old toys. There’s a certain nostalgia that drives the avid collector to go to great lengths in search of that special piece. It’s an epic, lifelong journey for those that truly have a passion for collecting. If you have an interest in dipping your own toes in the proverbial waters of toy collecting, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few helpful suggestions for where and how an avid toy collector finds their pieces.

Your family and friends may be holding a treasure

Your family provides a very workable network when you’re trying to dig up old collectable toys. Older members of the family that plan to declutter their homes might be a good place to start. Every family usually comes equipped with one or two hoarders. Start there! Dusty attics and junky old garages have the possibility to be a gold mine. Just make sure you gather up the proper permissions to go digging through your family’s things before you begin your search.

Neighborhood garage sales are always good

When in doubt, do what the “pickers” do. Drive around your neighborhood on the weekends looking for random garage sales, moving sales, and even estate auctions. You could always expand your search area as well and search throughout your state or farther!  You will almost always find that the hidden treasures you identify will be sorely underpriced. When people don’t understand what they have, you can grab it up for a steal. Don’t be unfair, though. It’s just not a good look.

Thrift stores and flea markets provide a proper hunt

There are giant flea markets all over the U.S.. If you’re a serious collector, then you’ll have no qualms with traveling around seeking out those huge opportunities. The biggest part of the hunt for the best vintage toys is the ability to travel around looking for those special, illusive pieces. You can’t just be sedentary in your search efforts. Thrift stores will also sometimes surprise you. People donate the strangest things.

The internet is a beautiful thing for a collector

If you have any plans of finding the rarest of rare unicorn of a toy, then you would definitely be short changing yourself by not utilizing the power of the internet. Don’t let yourself believe that eBay is the only online auction site where you can find cool stuff. There are several others, and there is always a cheap shipping option, whether it be the U.S. Postal Service or Fedex routing.,, and are just a few of the many alternatives to using eBay for your online searches.

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