Finding Gamer Inspiration In Everyday Life

Self-identifying gamers are always looking for inspiration, and for those willing to look at everyday life from a slightly different perspective, these inspirations can be found in all sorts of typical activities. Especially as gamers mature and get deeper into their own life experiences, there are a tremendous number of opportunities to expand the creative potential of both the gaming environment and their other activities as well. If you’re a gamer, if you know a gamer, or if you’re considering entering the gamer community, consider these three ideas as chances to find inspiration and creative connection.


Cars and car design are a huge part of all different kinds of games. Grand Theft Auto will generally be one of the first things that come to your mind. So, as an exercise, the next time you visit a car dealership, think about how the different styles of cars, and the environment of a car lot, fit into the idea of a racing game, or perhaps a game that at least deals with vehicles or requires some sort of transportation during gameplay. To get your gears working, you can even think of things like tanks and airplanes.


For many games, immersion into the gameplay is either made or broken by how well the scenery fits with the mood of the overall game. When you’re out walking around, consider how environment changes moods and attitudes, and consider that this is what game programmers are thinking when they design the backgrounds for your favorite games. Sight, sound, and texture all play vital roles in your favorite videogames, and if you reverse engineer the schemes that go on in these games, you can tell that some of the inspiration the game designers had came from activities as simple as walking around city streets.


All kind of games involve epic storylines, but have you ever considered where these storylines come from? Think about dramatic events that have happened to you, or perhaps a family member. These kinds of kernels of ideas are what are going to form the basis of a lot of the storylines that you’ll follow in your favorite games. Especially when you begin combining the stories of many different people together, you’ll see that there is a way to thread the everyday human experience into something that gamers can wander through during the course of gameplay. Think specifically about war games in this case.  Those games are often created from the stories of veterans, and that is why historical accuracy and the details put into those games can be so heart wrenching. Yes, it may just be pixels on a screen, but there are real events that happened to actual people that are being recreated.

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