Fashionable Concealed Carry Options

According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, on average, nearly 238,000 American citizens over the age of 12 become victims of a sexual crime every year. Additionally, the shocking shootings that took place in an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater and the Sandy Hook Elementary school attack in Newtown, Connecticut also instilled public fear. In an effort to avoid the possibility of becoming a violent crime statistic, more and more women are purchasing, licensing and concealing weapons.

Concealed Carry Options

While carrying a concealed handgun contained within a holster in a purse is a favorable option for many, on-body carry choices have a number of advantages. Having the weapon secured close to the body ensures a greater degree of safety for the woman and anyone else in the vicinity. While secured within a body holster, the gun is also not accessible to another person. Regardless of what circumstance may occur that necessitates using the handgun, having the weapon on your body means having immediate access. Comfort may pose a disadvantage when using on-body carry options. However, weapons specialists generally advise that comfort depends on carefully selecting the right combination of gun, holster and clothing option.

Bra Holsters

With the proper training and practice, women hiding a gun in a bra or a flashbang holster capably draw, aim and shoot a weapon in under two seconds. These unique holsters consist of a solid clamshell pocket that attaches to the middle front of a bra via a special strap. One end of the strap attaches to the holster and the other end wraps around the front of the bra and snaps onto the holster. This type of body-carry works best when women wear an underwire bra, as the wire helps secure the holster in place. Bra size does not matter. The unique design and placement of the holster mean that women have the option of wearing a fairly form-fitting blouse or sweater without revealing the gun. Removing the gun merely requires a rapid downward motion from beneath clothing.

Belt Holsters

While this type of holster may conjure images of iconic westerns, the belt holsters of today are designed to completely hide the fact that a woman is packing a pistol. Contoured versions fit the female body more comfortably and allow women to carry the gun in the traditional hip region. Alternatives to this method include the in-the-waistband, tucked holster, which secures the weapon in the front of the body and over the appendix area. When combined with any loose-fitting blouse, sweater or jacket, the handgun remains concealed.

Leg Carry Options

Depending on the model chosen, thigh holsters are worn beneath or on top of clothing. The holster typically features a soft, leather holster attached to a broad, stretchable strap that wraps around the thigh. Straps extend from this strap and attach to the waist or garter belt-like device. Women often prefer this carry method when wearing a dress or a skirt. If wearing wide-legged pants, females may choose a padded, ankle holster. Ankle carry is also more convenient when driving or when desiring to conceal a second weapon.

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