Even the Servers Are Bigger in Texas

We’ve all heard the old saying, “everything’s bigger in Texas,” and it even holds true when it comes to computer servers. Texas houses some of the biggest computer servers. Not only that, but the universities across the state offer immersive courses in computer science, technology, and maintenance. The University of Texas in Austin in notable for their research center, Texas Advanced Computing Center, located on campus which focuses on computer science and engineering.

How Computers Can Handle Texas Heat

Texas may be home to many of the country’s computer servers, as well as related programs at their colleges and universities, but it is also home to some of the hottest summers imaginable. Texas heat is not where you want to keep your hardware.

The solution is not what most would expect. If you don’t want your computers exposed to the heat, you also don’t want to expose them to liquid– but that’s exactly what the Texas computing center is doing to keep their computers cool. The Green Revolution Cooling company found that submerging computers in mineral oil keeps them operating at their regular temperature without overheating, and is more energy efficient than using fans to cool them down.

Finding The Right Server

Having a website for a business or an individual has come to be expected, and as more people with limited experience online begin to maintain their own websites, the barrier to entry in that regard is forced to become low. The world of computer servers is a complex one, requiring the problem solving skills to fix problems from crashes to even having to deal with preserving hardware in the Texas heat. While this industry is run by some of the smartest, tech-savvy men and women not only in Texas but across the country, but is also very user friendly.

Web hosting services like AccuWeb Hosting make it easy for anyone to secure a domain and build a website, complete with email services, remote desktop access, choices with operating systems, and much more. What makes a web host a step above the rest, however, is not necessarily what it offers or its monthly rates, but its customer service. If there should ever be a problem with a website, like if the servers are overwhelmed and the site crashes, the siteowner will want a web host that will identify the problem and get to work fixing it immediately. A web hosting service that is easy to get ahold of and answers questions promptly will be worth spending extra on as opposed to choosing the cheapest host that won’t be available to help if there’s a problem. Especially with websites that are a business’ main source of income, a siteowner wants to choose a web host they can trust.

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