Effective Trade Show Display

If you are selling a product or service, you likely know the value of participating in as many reputable trade shows as possible. Being able to join alongside other competitors in the industry for this type of event assures you a significant number of people who are interested in the types of goods or services that you are trying to sell. Simply having the ability to interact with you, your display, and your products increases interest which translates into sales. Putting together the best trade show display possible is important and can tremendously impact your return on investment.

Selecting a Trade Show Display

Think of your display as a large number of surfaces that can be seen from all angles across the room and attract the attention of customers. Since this display represents your company or product, you want it to look as polished and professional as possible. There are a number of different types of displays, all hoping to help you accomplish your objectives. You can shop online for displays of all shapes and sizes. Keep in mind what your competitors use as well as how you travel when you are making those choices. If you have to fly internationally, you will want something very portable. For those who stick closer to home, you’ll want something that is appropriate compared to what other companies in your industry are using. It may seem as an expensive investment up front, but once you start using your display over and over, you will be glad you have it.

Increase Traffic and Sales

In addition to the physical look and feel of your display, offering a small giveaway with your company name or logo helps spread the impact of your tradeshow to a much larger audience. Something as simple as a pen will get used multiple times and passed to a number of people. With your company name, logo, and website printed on the side, this will translate into driving people to your website and hopefully generate sales. Including a guest book or raffle at your display will allow you to collect contact information for potential customers as well. Those contacts will generate a great return for the small cost of the item you raffled at the event.

Other Options for Trade Show Success

Once you have your display set up and giveaways selected, there are other things you want to think of as well. What is the best way to showcase your product? You may want to consider extra staffing at the trade show if you expect it to be extremely busy. You don’t want people standing around waiting to talk to someone. If you have a product that can be demonstrated or tested at the event, find a way to put it out there. People love being able to touch and manipulate it just as they would if they were shopping in the mall for a sweater. Enjoy your trade show success.

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