Easy as Pi: The Greatest IT Toy for Kids of All Ages

Care for a slice of Raspberry Pi? If you haven’t heard of this toy before, it’s a single-board full-fledged computer designed by Raspberry Pi Foundation in the UK.

raspberry pi

Its purpose? To promote basic computer-science training (in the form of play) for children in schools. But it can also be purchased for at-home use.

It depends on two board configurations and required some serious negotiations between RS Components, Egoman, and Newark element14 to make it happen.

Touted as a low-cost device, it’s about the size of a credit card and can be plugged into a TV or computer monitor. All you need is a regular mouse and keyboard to start computing.

If you think the best in IT training is just for the big boys and girls, think again. No matter what your age or skill level is, Raspberry Pi teaches users how to program in the big-league languages such as Python and Scratch.

It can do everything a basic laptop can, from playing videos and games to building spreadsheets and surfing the Internet.

Play nicely

You can even interact with people in the “real world,” by using Pi for digital maker undertakings. Kids have programmed “parent detectors,” created music machines, and tackled a number of other creative projects.

The foundation’s goal is to see kids around the globe learn how to program in a fun and accessible way. “How computers work” is a mystery to most people, but now it can be as easy as Pi.

Teachers have access to the Raspberry Picademy, which is completely free and helps teachers learn how to integrate Pi into their curriculum. There are also Raspberry Jam events that take place around the world.

You don’t have to be a kid to check out one of these exciting IT tech events, which are worlds away from those required tech conferences your company might have sent you to in the past. Play is the focus here.

Get your Pi a la mode

When you buy a Pi, you get the actual board. You might want to pick up SD cards or a power supply, though. The SD cards available from PI sellers are the best, since you never really know what you’re getting with IT products on eBay or from other shops.

There are some fantastic SD cards out there and updates are always happening. You’ll want to make sure your newly arrived PI has all the (right) trimmings.


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