Business Cards are Essential Marketing Tools


Network marketing is the process of sharing and communicating the benefits of a company’s products or services to encourage others to join the network or make purchases. Network marketers spend the majority of their time building clientele who regularly purchase these products or recruiting new members into network marketing companies. As independent contractors, network marketing professionals earn money through securing sales and advancing to higher levels as they reach certain milestones within multi-level marketing businesses.

Importance of Marketing with Business Cards

Having a set of professional business cards is key to building the foundation of a network marketing business. According to marketing blog Tankprints, network marketing business cards are essential to the business of independent distributors. Business cards are a great way to present yourself as a professional or expert in a particular line of business and market yourself to prospects. As you build your business, it’s important to make every effort to connect with as many people that can support your venture as possible. Whether you’re distributing your cards to likely customers or business partners, or you’re building contacts with other marketing professionals who can help you advance in your career, it’s important to always extend an invitation for them to follow-up with you and learn more about the benefits of the products or services that you’re offering.

Business cards provide the important details regarding the business and how to contact you. They are excellent tools to help others remember who you are and that your card represents your business. There are a variety of creative ways to use business cards as marketing tools. After doing a sales presentation, you can leave your card with your client, staple it to a brochure or include an incentive for the prospect to contact you such as a coupon printed on the card.

Personalizing Your Brand

Creating a simple business card with basic information about a company and your affiliation with the company’s products can be the first step to branding yourself as a specialist in the line of products or services that you’re promoting. Personalizing your image with a distinctive layout will help you distinguish yourself from your competitors and attract more clients. Business cards are often used by network marketers as mini resumes, because the cards include a snippet of what the person has to offer. It makes a great first impression, and a professional card design can also be the deciding factor that persuades others to join your network or purchase the products that you’re offering.

Designing an Attractive Business Card

Your business card should be designed to grab the attention of others. It should be customized with eye-catching artwork that sells your business in the best possible light. A business card is sometimes referred to as a miniature sales brochure. It can be a small image version of your website or social media marketing page, and you can also add a professional image of yourself or a company logo. An image can help a prospect remember meeting with you.

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