Breathing Right is a One-Way Ticket to Health


People are always looking for a smart solution to obesity from trying the newest diet to jogging a mile a day. Although diet and exercise are still core parts of a healthy lifestyle, the role of breathing is slowly being revealed as a pathway to increased weight loss. Some websites even sell items, such as a breath trainer, to help you breathe better. Because breathing is an automatic bodily function, you may not even notice how shallow or deep each breath is until you truly pay attention.

Oxygen’s Role

Your body’s fat is composed of basic elements, including carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Cellular respiration and metabolism depend on ample oxygen to burn the fat for energy use, according to this article. If there isn’t enough oxygen to burn, the body may turn to the muscle for energy use instead of the fat. Ideally, fat should be burned at all times. The key is to stay hydrated and breathe deeply for the best weight-loss results. As you exercise, it’s crucial to keep drinking water and breathe normally. Holding your breath simply hinders the fat-burning process.

Breathing Isn’t a Catch-all

Your diet is still a key part of a healthy lifestyle. Eating salty foods, for instance, causes the body to retain water. It’s trying to create a salt balance between the food intake and available water. However, the body will retain that water for as long as possible, causing the metabolism to suffer. You need to eat healthier foods, such as salads and lean meats, and avoid salty treats. According to this article, the body can burn oxygen and water efficiently in the cells to lose weight consistently.

Exercising Intelligently

Use a mixture of both cardiovascular and resistance training to achieve the weight loss you want. Taking deep breaths during training boosts cellular activity, according to LIVESTRONG.COM. With more oxygen saturating your body, cells can burn efficiently for fast weight loss. Resistance training gives you more muscle, providing the body with another burning mechanism to increase metabolism. Even mixing intense and moderate exercise together helps the oxygen saturate the body’s cells. For example, add in a sprint to your natural jogging pattern. Shocking the body with some intensity gets the breathing going as more fat burns.

Deep Breathing Techniques

One of the most beneficial ways to train your body to breathe deeply is through yoga or Pilates. These workout strategies ask you to hold your body in a specific position to gain strength and balance. As you hold the pose, breathing is your main concern. The actions themselves may appear benign and simple, but the entire workout is relatively draining for beginners. As people gain more strength, they’ll notice more weight loss because of the better breathing patterns and workout frequency.

Although breathing alone won’t give you a strong sense of weight loss, combining deep breathing with diet and exercise is a mixture for long-term health success. Sit still and feel your lungs fill with air. This simple function holds promise for many people looking for a way to enhance their weight loss success.

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