Bonita’s Transformation Makes It the Place to Be

While not everyone has heard of the little California community of Bonita, it’s rapidly becoming a name to reckon with. It’s located in the San Diego region, in the Sweetwater Valley.

The unincorporated community has gone from a quiet neighborhood with a two-lane street to a growing community with golfing opportunities, churches, shopping centers, and a museum.

The origins of a lovely community

Home buyers are drawn to this area because of wonderful weather all year long, plenty of wide open spaces, and scenery that includes rolling hills. Especially appealing are the plentiful parks.

This community was originally occupied by lemon farmers and the agricultural workers who worked on their farms. Bonita has undergone steady growth since the 1960s and 1970s, when professionals moving into the area decided to take advantage of the prime real estate found here.

Some of the tracts that are the most sought-after today are in these areas. Examples of communities that date from the initial period of growth include Villas de Bonita, Emerald Ranch, and Bonita Glen.

More recent developments

Advantages of living in this area include access to the San Diego area, while retaining the benefits of a smaller, unincorporated community. Though there are plenty of available houses, the area still makes it easy for residents to enjoy encounters with wildlife on their own property.

The community has a healthy growth rate, estimated to be around 1.1% since 2000. Population growth suggests a healthy community, but the growth rate has not been so large as to cause housing problems. With a median age of mid-40s and an average income level of $70,000 per year, this community promises to continue attracting professionals.

One of the things that continues to attract people to the area is the fact that the homes have high average listing prices. In early 2014, the average home here sold for $780,000.

Many professionals who relocate here are impressed by the excellent prospects for selling their home at a substantive asking price when the time comes.

A good community for families

Parents regard Bonita and its environs as a good place for children to grow up, partly because of the high quality of the schools. The public school system is part of the Chula Vista Elementary School District, which receives an average rating of 7 out of 10 on most school rating sites.

The low crime rate helps give residents further assurance that this is a safe community in which to raise kids.

It’s expected that interest in Bonita will continue to grow as the job market in the San Diego area continues to see healthy growth. Residents may enjoy many of the same advantages that come with living in the San Diego area, minus all the issues and concerns associated with living in a city of that magnitude.

Great accessibility, opportunities to enjoy nature with beautiful weather, and shopping and houses of worship being close by will make a major difference for those who look to relocate.

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