Best Internet, Phone & Cable Shirts


Americans feel strongly about at least one of these things: Internet, phones and cable. Why not share your love (or obsession) with the world with an artfully crafted, meme-esque t-shirt? Perfect for marathon sessions of Hannibal, surfing the internet or playing with your latest smartphone acquisition, everyone needs to be clothed. However, not everyone looks awesome in the process.

1. Keep calm and sloth on

Whether you’re gearing up for endless hours of Game of Thrones or gaming with World of Warcraft, everyone needs the royal treatment when they’re indulging. No matter what your means of staying connected, do it with style.

2. This is bait

Obviously, this is click bait not jail bait (although it really could go either way). For web designers and those in the know, this is the perfect shirt for endless hours of online shopping, blogging or wasting time in the dregs of the internet.

3. Meh.

Really, nothing sums up the majority of online experiences like this expression. Other options can include “pwned” or the controversial “lolz.” Any internet slang you can work into a shirt can definitely work in your favor.

4. If by sexting you mean texting while eating snacks, yeah I’m good at that


This is probably best worn by an attractive female, but of course then some of the irony may be lost. Anyone can rock this shirt, but it needs to be done with confidence. Also, keep in mind the harassment that may rightfully ensue if you wear this while texting in public.

5. I live in the era of smart phones and stupid people

You might not make any friends with this one, or then again you may find your soulmate. This is best worn by those who have the latest devices and a little superiority complex. Again, confidence is key.

6. Watch me on YouTube

If you’re going to rock this shirt, you need one of two things: An actual YouTube station that you wouldn’t be embarrassed about sharing or a witty comeback when someone inevitably asks about your YouTube presence. Considering it’s one of the most popular social media platforms, hopefully you have the former.

7. Works with iPhone

You need to be a hardcore Apple fan to pull this off, but luckily those are in abundance. Best accessorized with, of course, the latest iPhone and may fortune be on your side if you wear this shirt without the newest generation in hand.

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