Beauty and the Geek

“Geek chic” is very much a thing, and it all starts from your foundation. Great skin, hair, nails are the cornerstone of looking good no matter what your gender or style. However, those long coding sessions or epic WoW LAN parties can really take a toll on your aesthetics. While geeks might be known for their porcelain complexions, it’s time you reclaimed your geek chic status and made sure you’re not just champion of geekdom, but look good doing it.

Start by making sure you get your vitamins, both topically and in ingestible form. It’s nearly impossible to get all the nutrients you need via diet alone, even if your diet is flawless. Get checked annually for deficiencies (Vitamin D, iron and B-vitamins are common) and make sure you follow up with quality vitamins. Likewise, organic topical vitamins can be a natural, safe way to improve the biggest organ of all: Your skin.

Common geeky beauty ailments

Hands can tell you a lot about a person, like just how much they game or if they care about the details. Pick up a geek-centric option like Button Masher Balm to ward off calluses, make sure your nails stay clean and hard, and to sidestep the risk of hang nails and raggy cuticles. For a natural yet chic look, consider picking up something like Sally Hansen’s hard as nails, a clear coat that dries in under 60 seconds and strengthens nails all on a budget.

For femmes and girly girls, you need a lip lacquer that lasts and pays tribute to your love of manga and anime. An option like Joysticks offers the staying power you need for marathon Firefly sessions and pays homage to those bright colors that go so well with your pale complexion. Add Geek Gloss on top for an added shiny.

The eyes have it

Eyes are the windows to the soul, so it makes sense that yours need to really pop. Luckily for geeks, there are plenty of eyeshadows geared towards their niche. Check out the lines by The Game is On, Turtle Power, Go Boldly or Win or Die. These colors are built to last and come in less orthodox hues so you can design a look that’s as unique as your gaming style.

Of course, the best beauty hacks come from trial and error. Get inspiration from your favorite characters, and don’t be afraid to go bold. You already march to the beat of your own drum, so make sure you look good at the same time.


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