Are You “E”ddicted?

Smartphones, gaming consoles, online gambling; there are many options when it comes to getting addicted to electronics. Around the world, more and more rehab facilities geared towards electronic addiction is popping up but, just like any other type of addiction, there are varying levels. You might not need or be able to attend a comprehensive rehab facility for your vice of choice, but that doesn’t mean help isn’t available. Ironically, help in electronic format might be a better fit for some addicts.

Working with a doctor and/or psychologist online is a better fit for many people. It allows for flexibility and the opportunity to work with the best in the industry even if you’re located in a more rural area. However, choosing an online doctor isn’t for everyone (like for those who are struggling with “online addiction”). While only a doctor can diagnose addiction, there are some red flags to watch out for.

Signs of addiction

For any type of addiction, a good rule of thumb is asking yourself (honestly) if your alleged addiction interferes with your daily life. Do you find relationships suffering because of your addiction, is your work going down the tube or are you ignoring hobbies and activities you used to love in favor of your electronics? If that’s the case, you might be addicted and intervention can help.

Of course, it’s also easy to take this rule as subjective and many addicts lie to themselves (and others) until they get closer to rock bottom. Does the thought of going a day without your phone, game or other addiction fill you with dread or terror? Does it cause any type of emotional reaction at all besides a minor annoyance? If so, you might be starting down the path of addiction and the earlier it’s treated, the easier it is to correct.

Addiction is a management issue

A true addict can never be cured, but they can learn tools to manage their addiction so they can live a full and healthy life. In an increasingly digital world, this is crucial since going without your addiction (if it’s something like a smartphone) just doesn’t make sense. However, electronics are by creation highly addictive while also being a necessity for many. If your industry requires you to have a smartphone, how are you going to give it up entirely?

If you suspect you have an “e”ddiction, trust your gut instinct and reach out for help.

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