A Rough Guide for Startups with Supply Chains

Starting and managing a business is not an easy task. There are a lot of ways a new business could fail, but there are also many tools that can help startup businesses find customers, become sustainable, and then go on to grow and increase profits. If these tools are used correctly, any business can get off the ground and

Grants and Loans

It’s no secret that creating a business requires a lot of funding. Luckily there are many grants and loans available to new businesses. Finding, applying for, and receiving grants and loans (and then eventually paying back if it’s a loan) is admittedly a lot of work in and of itself. It can also be a long process, but it’s important not to give up hope. A new business needs all of the help it can get, and even small grants can make a big difference. The Small Business Association helps new and existing businesses get the funds they need to gain their footing and is a great resource for startup businesses.

Finding Clients

The internet has opened up an endless customer base for all kinds of businesses. The first step to finding those customers is to create a strong online presence. This means building a clean, easy to navigate (while still engaging) website with up to date information about the business, their products and services, purchasing options, and contact information.

Another aspect of doing business online is maintaining accounts on social networking sites. Social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, Youtube, and Google+ are all perfect for finding new customers and keeping a relationship with returning customers. These sites are like free advertising if used correctly. Customers want a business that’s interactive and easy to contact. Social media breaks down the wall between corporations and customers and allows open communication. This means that the business can let their audience know about what’s new and receive immediate feedback.

Staying Organized

Organization is key with any business of any size and stage– especially businesses with supply chains. Maximum efficiency and great communication will create both a better work environment and experience for the customer. There are many tools out there that will help a business stay organized and complete transactions quickly. 3PL software is one of these tools.

Third Party Logistics software is ideal for companies which deal with multiple customers and want to not only stay on top of their business but also expand to meet growing demand. This software includes public warehouse management service that simply makes life easier. Automatic and accurate billing ensures that transactions are made promptly and correctly. Plus, information related to every customer is stored and easily accessed when needed. Not only does software like this clean up information and make the employees’ jobs easier, but increased efficiency allows for more customers and therefore an increase in profits.

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