A Crash Course in Party Planning on a Budget

Parties are always such fun. There’s food, drink, music, dancing, games, seeing friends, making new friends, and someone stuck with paying the bill. Well, that last part isn’t such fun. It’s a nice idea to throw a party that is remembered for its vibe and its atmosphere, but doing so and saving money at the same time is a fine line to walk. Fortunately, you’re not without options to bring the roof down without breaking the bank. Here’s a crash course in party planning on a budget.


One thing to try to budget your party is to ask friends and family members who are invited to bring their own refreshments. Doing so relieves you of some of the burden, it makes them feel involved and important, and you are saved the expense of buying lots of food that may or may not go uneaten. Also, a party with a potluck theme adds an element of surprise and discovery to a party, rather than if it was just one person providing the food for all the guests. This way, you can save money and have an eclectic and diverse selection of food.

Create A Guest List

It won’t do you any good to tell people that because you want to budget this party, you can only invite a certain number of people. If you do that, you’ll be lucky if anyone shows up. Instead, simply make a guest list for the party. Doing so kills two birds with one stone: you can limit the number of people for whom you have to provide refreshments and entertainment (perhaps purchased from Grand Party Goods and Supplies); and you can do so in such a way that people won’t feel too offended if they don’t make the final cut.

Plan Out Your Budget

If you want to budget this party, don’t even bother trying to remember how much everything costs, who’s bringing what, and anything else remotely related to money. Create a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, write everything out, make a list, but do something tangible and retrievable to help you keep track of the financial inflow and outflow of this party. You can also use the Excel sheet to compare prices – and be sure to shop around. Somethings may be cheaper at a giant party retailer, like Party City, while other things may be cheaper at online stores, like Grand Party Goods. As the date of the party draws near, you’ll have a few less things to worry about if you’ve properly and clearly accounted for how much you have to spend to make this party a success.

This is, after all, your party, and you do have final say on who you want to invite. A little discretion means you won’t have to go broke in planning the party.

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