8 Apps That Turn an Amateur Photographer into a Pro

The ubiquitousness of digital cameras and smartphones means that everyone is a photographer. Vacations, sporting events, birthdays, weddings, and graduations have been instantly and cheaply captured on an SD card and shared with the world within seconds. But we’ve all seen the results – shaky, blurry, off-focus, and slapped with enough Instagram filters to make every picture taken look exactly the same. Fortunately, there are plenty of other applications out there to turn a quickly-snapped picture into the real deal.

Sometimes, the best moments of life don’t come with the perfect amount of light to make the best photograph. Most of us can’t afford or carry a light meter. Pocket Light Meter will not only measure the available light, but automatically configure the camera to work with those settings. No more will the perfect shot be lost because it was just too dark outside.

USAToday recommends Camera Timer, which does what it says on the label, and a bit more. Camera Timer allows for a maximum of 60 seconds to frame the shot and get everybody in place and smiling, because there’s no way that’s going to happen in the standard 10 second timer. In addition to this, the feature is also useful for creating animated gifs and stop-motion films.

Animated gifs are one thing, but cinemagraphs are the mark of a true connoisseur. A cinemagraph is an otherwise still picture, where just one part of the image moves. Careful editing can make a seamless loop in a static image. Cinemagramhas a learning curve, but mastering it will make a user the classy envy of all their friends who are still posting the same low-definition animated gifs.

We all love panoramas, whether it’s of a stunning natural vista or a full stadium view of a sell-out crowd. Capturing a panorama with something that can fit in a pocket is slightly tricky to pull off, but 360 Panoramawill make a few wishes come true. Simply moving the camera around in a full circle will record the complete picture, allowing the user to make edits on their device, or send it to the cloud for more detailed work.

There are so many ways to share all the hundreds of pictures we take, that it’s impossible to keep track of which picture was posted where. Woven, however, aggregates photos stored on the most popular social networks that allow for that form of sharing – Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram. Now, cataloguing and indexing all the pictures you’ve taken, stored and shared becomes much easier.

Anybody who’s been to a sports event or missed their pet do a trick knows the frustration of having a camera that just can’t take the pictures fast enough. That’s why the Huffington Post recommends Fast Camera, which can take up to 800 pictures in a single minute. With an array of options at its disposal, Fast Camera simply takes a rapid series of pictures as soon as the application is opened, ensuring that not a single precious second on your South African safari is missed.

For those who work in the realm of HDR, Pro HDR combines two contrasting exposures – one optimized for shadows, the other for highlights – into one perfect image, automatically ensuring that the finished product has just the right amounts of light and dark. Nomadic Pursuits calls the app “intuitive and very capable”.

Lastly, there’s Impression, which allows users to quickly and easily place a watermark on their digital pictures before they’re posted on the Internet, where images can be reproduced without permission in the blink of an eye. Nothing says “professional” quite like an unobtrusive, but unmistakable, design or name to let the world know who took that picture.

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