7 Benefits of Doing Pilates Regularly



Pilates is a great workout. It can make a big difference in your health, body shape and appearance. There are many advantages to making Pilates a regular part of your workout routine. Here are seven benefits of Pilates that might convince you to make it a part of your exercise regimen.

Mind-Body Connection

Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on quality of movement and breathing. Emphasis is placed on correct posture and spinal alignment, as you complete each movement in a controlled, flowing fashion. You also become in tune with your body while performing Pilates, which leads to stress relief and a clear head.

Strong Core

Your core is the center of your body. The deep abdominal muscles and the ones that are nearest the spine make up the core. Pilates helps you to develop control of your core muscles, as well as strengthen then. A strong core leads to improved posture and a leaner looking silhouette. Strengthening your core muscles will also give you a stronger back and can alleviate some back pain.

Lean Muscles and Improved Flexibility

Traditional workouts involve weight bearing exercises. These types of movements build shorter, bulkier muscles. Pilates is different because its movements work to elongate and strengthen your muscles, which leads to improved joint movement and elasticity. Traditional workouts build muscle that is prone to injury, while Pilates gives you a balance of strength and flexibility that withstands injury.

All-Over Body Workout

Many workouts tend to focus on just one area of the body or set of muscles. This kind of imbalanced approach leaves you with some muscles that are inevitably weaker than others. Such an imbalance can cause injury, as well as pain to the lower back. The overall toning you will receive from Pilates will improve your performance in other sports and activities in your life due to the balanced musculature and even conditioning Pilates offers. Even many pro sports athletes and teams use Pilates to achieve better performance.

Efficient Everyday Movement

The benefits of Pilates will cross over into your everyday life, even if you aren’t an athlete. Through regular Pilates workouts, your body will become trained to move in long, smooth, continuous movements, rather than in jerks and spurts. Soon, this kind of movement will become a habit and can lead to better posture and improved overall health.

Gentle Exercise

These exercises are low-impact and only partially weight bearing. Many are done from a reclining or even seated position. That makes Pilates a safe, gentle workout that is perfect for those whose physicians recommend low-impact exercise.


Though it is gentle, Pilates still offers a challenging workout that gets results. The individual exercises can often be modified for beginners just starting out, then made more difficult once you become advanced and your muscles more conditioned.

As you can see, Pilates is a unique workout that offers numerous benefits not found in traditional type exercises. It’s definitely worth incorporating into your routine.


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