6 Ways to Celebrate a Video Game Tournament Win

Video game tournaments can be a popular event for those that are interested in video games and playing with others that are, as well. A tournament can be played in person with friends or online against opponents you never meet

The latter depends on the game, the platform it’s on, and whether it’s Internet compatible. When you’re playing with friends in person, it’s easier to celebrate when the fun’s over and the winner is crowned.

Here are six good ways to celebrate the conclusion of a video game tournament.

1. Throw a party

Throwing a party for those involved in the tournament, especially the winner, can provide excellent closure to the competition. Decorate the place with memorabilia from the game to provide reminders of the fun people had while playing.

Coordinating all the materials at the party will give it a cohesive look. Perhaps you can get a cake that depicts one of the main characters, or a scene from game will be a good centerpiece and a way to show off the winner.

2. Create trophies

A good way to celebrate the winners and the runner-ups is to create trophies for the accomplishments of the outstanding players. Trophies for accuracy, fastest times, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place are good options for trophies that honor skills and performances displayed in the tournament.

3. Dinner plans

Taking the winners out to dinner or making dinner for them can be a nice reward for winning the competition — as well as show that there are no hard feelings between those that won and those that did not.

4. Head out for drinks

Depending on the age of everyone in your party, your celebration can be taken to a bar to observe the completion of the tournament. Buying drinks for the winner should launch the celebration.

5. Do some brewing

If your friends are the drinking type, but may not enjoy going out to celebrate at a noisy bar, you might try brewing your own beer. There are books, websites, and videos online to aid in starting the process.

6. Make whiskey

If your friends might prefer something a little fancier than beer, then why not try to make some whiskey on your own? The act of making whiskey itself can be a terrific way to celebrate the end of a tournament, not to mention enjoying the finished product.

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