6 Hairstyles That Take Zero Prep Time

Many women cut their hair because they think it’s easier to take care of … and that can be a big mistake. While a few short hairstyles work for certain hair types, it actually takes longer to style short hair. Most women are looking for something that looks good, but also requires little prep time. Is that possible, and exactly which hairstyles allow that, anyway?

The good news is that a movement toward natural-looking hair is in full swing. Gone are the days when pin-straight hair was expected, or ringlets of curls that required 30 minutes in front of the mirror. To get ready in a flash, consider these six easy hairstyles. There’s sure to be at least one to suit any type of hair.

1. Below the shoulders with soft layers

This look is by far the easiest to pull off and works whether a woman has straight, curly, or wavy hair. The layers should be no more than one inch in difference, and provide just enough volume to keep it from looking drab. It’s a wash-and-go look, but some women may include product to help with frizzies or define curls. However, it does require you to really own your natural texture.

2. The 50s pony

Ponytails alone can be pretty boring, but add some 50s styling to one and it’s suddenly chic. For a unique look, tease the hair a bit at the crown and wrap a lock of hair around the base of the ponytail (pinning it with a bobbi pin). Side-swept fringe adds to the retro vibe. This is a look that can work in the office or at happy hour and takes less than one minute.

3. The messy bun

Luckily, messy buns have gone Hollywood, thanks to numerous celebrities rocking this look on the red carpet. The reality is that there’s no “right” way to create a messy bun. Just add a bright pop of lipstick and swipe of liquid liner to let people know your look is intentional. This works best with hair that hasn’t been washed in one day, and it’s also easier to control wayward locks with a little grease.

4. The half-up pony

This look nearly made the 80s, and it’s back (but without the perms). Simply sweep up the top half of hair into a sleek or mess pony. This is a good choice when hair is a little greasy, but not yet demanding a wash. It’s also a good option for women with extreme layers who want to enjoy the look of longer hair for the day.

5. The A-line

An A-line bob will never go out of style, thanks to Victoria Beckham’s previous look. For women with naturally straight hair, this is the easiest style imaginable. It doesn’t necessarily require blow-drying, and it’s short enough to dry quickly. Choose an extreme side part for a little more edge, or let the strands fall where they may.

6. The wig

Wigs are all the rage now, and celebrities like Adele and Beyonce are getting quite vocal about their love affairs with them. Forget the old taboo and stigma; the latest options are completely natural looking and let women change up their look daily. All that’s required is regular maintenance and slicking natural hair into a hair net before pinning on you wig of the day. Getting ready with a luscious mane has truly never been easier.

Nobody has time to spare, so why waste it in front of the mirror trying to force a style that just isn’t going to work? Go for ease, and start your morning on the right foot.

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