5 Ways to Make Solar Power Part of Your Home

The most well-known way to include solar power in any home is with solar panels. There are off-grid or grid-tied options. Off-grid panels can store sunlight for future use and homeowners can use it while it’s dark or during those cloudy, dreary winter months. Grid-tied options are the most popular because they’re the most affordable, but only work when the sun is shining.

There’s also a variety of types of panels including polycrystalline, monocrystalline and amorphous. Poly is the more affordable option, but it also doesn’t offer the same kind of efficiency as mono panels. Amorphous panels work well, and they’re popular because they’re pretty easy to install for the average DIYer. However, there are also a slew of solar powered products available for homeowners who aren’t quite up for a new roof investment.

1. Flashlight, Mobile Radio and Phone Charger in One

Many people choose solar products in case of an emergency. This ER Emergency Ready device combines three of the main things most people need during a blackout in one unique package. Just make sure that it gets plenty of sun exposure during the day so that it’s ready to go in case of emergency.

2. Portable Cooker

Everyone loves eating outdoors during those warm summer months, and there’s no reason to waste electricity while doing so. This Hybrid Solar Cooker Sun Over by Sun BD Corporation is durable and able to use in any weather. It’s also easy to move, and a great option for camping trips. It’ll change the way outdoor cooking is handled and save money to boot.

3. LED Accent Light

One of the best ways to prevent burglary, vandalism and theft is with appropriate outdoor lighting. However, there’s no need to increase utility bills just to have a safer and more beautiful home. These LED accent lights are solar powered and store energy so that they soak up the sun during the day and shine bright at night. There’s also no risk of a burglar cutting their power supply.

4. SOLARBAK Backpack

A must for avid hikers, the entire backpack is solar powered and has the ability to charge electrical devices–like the iPod–on long trips. Combine it with a solar powered cooker for the maximum benefits.

5. Solar Module

For folks who want even more charging options, the Brunton SolarRoll Flexible Solar Module provides seemingly endless possibilities. It’s durable and weather resistant, so keep it outdoors on the porch to maximize the solar storage capabilities. It even has a vehicle cable for that hybrid in the garage.

Going solar has never been easier with these fun and affordable solar powered products. How much money can a household save?

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