5 Ways to Get a Healthy Breakfast in a Hurry

Too many people grab an unhealthy breakfast or–sometimes even worse–skip breakfast altogether. It’s pretty easy to fall into this trap. People are busy in the morning getting ready for work and packing the kids up for school. However, Mom had it right when she said breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It kick starts metabolisms and decreases the risk of snacking on unhealthy foods or overeating later in the day. Here are 5 each ways to get a quick and healthy breakfast.

#1. Plan the Night Before

Hard-boiled eggs, whole wheat toast and peanut butter and pre-planned yogurt with granola are just a few easy options that can be prepared the night before. When mornings are unbelievably hectic, there’s sometimes no time to fry up some eggs. Make a grab and go option the night before so that there’s no excuse for skipping breakfast.

#2. Know Go-To Fast Food or Shop Items

This doesn’t mean that fast food should always be the option, or that a Starbucks breakfast side is always the answer to go along with that morning coffee. However, many restaurants and shops have healthy options along with online nutritional content. Know which options are the best along with calories, carbs, sugars and fats to make smart, informed decisions in a rush.

#3. Who Defines Breakfast Foods?

There’s no rule that broccoli, lunch meats and even a slice of pizza that’s homemade with veggies and whole wheat crust can’t be breakfast. Don’t assume that eggs, sausage, bacon and waffles are the only morning choices. Think on a grander scale, and a world of possibilities just opened up.

#4. There’s an App for That

Quickly assess nutritional content and get instant breakfast ideas right from your smartphone. Sites like MyHealthManagement.com offer a variety of tools to help out busy folks. From tracking calories to finding a new go-to breakfast item, put technology to work for good–like appeasing hungry stomachs.

#5. Copy the Kids

No one would send a child to school without a healthy, fulfilling breakfast. Oftentimes, children’s portion sizes are actually the sizes adults should be consuming, too–at least for breakfast. Copy the kids and enjoy breakfast with them, even if it’s just a quick bite. Not only will parents enjoy the same healthy breakfast the kids get, but a little quality time gets squeezed in, too.

Sometimes breakfast has to be in a rush, and that’s okay. However, it’s not an excuse for going hungry or going for a not so healthy option. With the right tools and a little planning, a healthy breakfast is possible every single day.

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