5 Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is a time for pumpkins, candy, cold weather and of course uninspired Halloween costumes made marginally interesting by their sex appeal.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!  There are some great ideas out there.  One only needs to know where to start.  The first and most helpful suggestion is to feel out the competition.  For that, one needs to start patrolling the Internet, because hey, that’s where everything comes from now, right?

Pop Culture

Our first two unique Halloween costume ideas are pulled straight off of uproxx.com.  These should be used in scenarios where a person doesn’t want to appear to be trying too hard, but also doesn’t want to be left out of what’s happening in popular culture.  It’s a perfect blend of the attitude “I don’t care (I care).”  It doesn’t leave a lot exposed.

  • Tobias Funke

With the impending return (we’ve heard that before) of Arrested Development, donning oneself in poorly fitted sweaters and uttering unintended sexual innuendos has never been more appropriate.  All one needs for this instant hit is a flesh colored skullcap, a fake mustache and excellent comic timing.

  • Tom Hanks Slam Poet

Yeah, that’s right; Tom Hanks read slam poetry about Full House on Jimmy Fallon, and that deserves to be celebrated.  All that’s required for this costume to be a success is a turtleneck, mustache (can be recycled from the Tobias Funke costume) and all the wit and charm the “Cast Away” ever did muster.

Literary Culture

A couple unique costume ideas can be pulled from interesting literary characters.  No, not Harry Potter, that’s been done to death.

  • John Steinbeck

Has it escaped notice how big of a hipster John Steinbeck looks like on the Kindle screensaver?  Really, this costume is a two-fer, on one hand a person can pass as a critically acclaimed intellectual writer or, on the other, a Portland OR transplant obsessed with his/her own importance: an instant classic.

  • Dr. Seuss

Perhaps a children’s theme would do well.  The reference is easy enough to get, but the costume can be as creative as the person designing it.  A pretty spot on example of Green Eggs and Ham can be viewed here.  It’s advised to not go as the author himself or the costume wearer might find that he/she has to explain that he/she is not Mr. Rogers of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood fame.


  • The Internet!

Sometimes the most unique costume is just too obvious.  When all else fails, taking a step back and assessing the situation as a whole may reveal a unique            costume idea.  In the case to this guy that meant going as a   YouTube video. Bravo guy, bravo.

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