5 Things Companies Should Consider in Next Year’s Marketing Strategy

Companies can pour any amount of their budget into creating compelling advertisements, but they won’t do any good if they aren’t seen by an audience. Part of getting a company’s message and products out there is using technology to find new customers. Social media sites, newsletters, banner ads, Youtube ads, the possibilities for marketing online are vast, but a new medium is beginning to make its way into the public eye.

The Future of Marketing

The next big thing that’s on a lot of people’s minds is augmented reality. Augmented reality takes the digital world to the next level. It is more interactive and responsive than anything that’s been seen thus far. The idea behind augmented reality is to overlay computer graphics with the surrounding environment. So far augmented reality has been used in smartphone apps, where a picture taken with the phone’s camera is matched to an augmented image in the app’s database, but that’s just the beginning. Designs for augmented reality glasses and contact lenses, even augmented windshields, are in development with hopes of getting to the point of mass producing them for the general public.

It’s easy to see that augmented reality has many uses both for in the professional world and for personal use. There are a lot of reasons why augmented reality is worth integrating into a marketing strategy, but here are five key points for any business to consider:

1      There is already an audience for it: Nearly everyone has a smartphone or tablet. These devices are where augmented reality is going to first begin to take hold even more than it already has. The platform and audience already exists, and can be a great tool for companies looking to explore augmented marketing, like visual searches.

2      The potential growth for AR is endless: One of the biggest tech stories of 2012 was Google’s release of augmented reality glasses prototypes. The devices for AR are growing, along with the public’s excitement for them. The companies that prepare AR into their marketing strategies now will be able to benefit most from it.

3      AR is a creative playground: Augmented reality technology creates an entirely new medium for developers to play with and offers interactive, responsive aspects that is sure to get their audience’s attention.

4      An augmented world incorporates many aspects of life: Augmented reality devices can potentially find their way into many situations. This technology can end up in the hands of individuals for entertainment and communication as well as professionals to add convenience to the workplace.

5      GPS makes augmenting easy: The best of the best in augmented reality development have already used GPS and geodata to create augmented maps of urban areas. Augmented cityscapes are going to be more common in just a short time.

How to Get Started with Augmented Reality

As augmented reality technology takes it’s first baby steps into the mainstream, there are few companies devoted to helping businesses get the more out of AR. Experts in science, software development, and marketing are collaborating to make resources available at http://gravityjack.com to get businesses started with augmented reality. The applications with AR are currently growing, and it’s hard to say exactly where this new technology will take commerce, entertainment, arts, education, and communication. It is the creative and talented minds that are using augmented reality currently that will shape what becomes of this tech.

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