5 Tech Gadgets That Make Tooth Brushing Fun for Kids

Sometimes it can be really hard to get kids to brush their teeth. Before we know it, they’re in the bed and have forgotten again, or maybe they remembered and just didn’t brush for long enough.

Whatever the case, kids need something to help them with their oral hygiene. There are five tech gadgets that make tooth brushing fun for kids.

1. Spinbrush Tooth Tunes

No kid could possibly resist a toothbrush that plays a fun tune while they’re brushing their teeth This cute device makes brushing teeth much more fun and takes the hard work out of keeping children in the good hygiene habit. Each tune lasts for about 2 minutes and makes little ones want to brush until the song is complete.

2. Phillips SoniCare HX6311 Electric Toothbrush for kids

This gadget has many features to incite little ones to brush. The design of the toothbrush is very colorful, with interchangeable customized panels so kids can have fun as well as perfect their hygiene.

The built-in brush timer has an increasable time limit intended for kids to learn how long they should brush their teeth. It also promotes brushing all sides and back of the mouth for a completely clean smile.

3. Tooth Timer

This adorable little timer is made to look like a giant tooth. The white tooth-shaped timer lets you know when you have reached the required two-minute brushing limit. According to professionals, you should brush your teeth for two whole minutes at least, for optimum care.

4. Beam Brush

This toothbrush has actually been nicknamed the “smart brush.” It has Bluetooth connectivity so you can monitor your brushing habits. The brush has a built-in timer, music playback, and replacement brush head service. You also have an option to send a record of your oral hygiene activity to your dentist as well.

5. Brush DJ

This is a great high-tech gadget for older children and teenagers. This device plays random music from your phone for a set period of time to let you know you have brushed your teeth up to the correct time limit.

The application also reminds you when it’s time to visit the dentist as well as when it’s time for a new toothbrush. With gadgets such as this, you can also add reminders about specialist visits for such things as fillings and dental crowns.

When utilizing these cool tech gadgets, kids will get a charge out of brushing their teeth. When it’s time to visit the dentist, they’ll look forward to telling the dental caregivers about how well they’ve been doing with their oral health.

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