5 T-Shirt Gift Ideas for Geeks

So you know a geek who has a birthday soon and you’re not sure what to get? One great idea that’s almost certainly not going to be duplicated by anyone else is to get that special geek in your life a T-shirt that will appeal to his or her special character.

Fortunately, geek-oriented t-shirts are widely available. You can find them online as well as at local retail outlets. Even places like Wal-Mart frequently offer geek-themed T-shirts for sale.

Here some of the best ideas for geeky T-shirts.

1. A Star Trek theme

There aren’t too many geeks alive who don’t like Star Trek. Geeks may argue amongst themselves about which Star Trek series or movie was the best, but they are typically in universal agreement that Star Trek is awesome.

Perhaps you could buy your geek friend a T-shirt that looks like the shirts worn by the crew in the original series. Note: be sure not to get a red T-shirt. That’s bad karma for people familiar with the original series.

2. A Doctor Who theme

Old-school geeks especially love Doctor Who. This is because the show has been around since the early 1960s.

If you want to please the geek in your life, pick out a great t-shirt with a Doctor Who theme. The shirt can be as simple as a picture of the TARDIS (the phone box that The Doctor uses for travel) and a message that reads: “You never forget your first doctor.”

3. A Star Wars theme

Another perennial favorite of all people who identify themselves as geeks is the Star Wars franchise. Why not pick up a T-shirt that has crossing red and green light sabers for your geek friend?

4. A comic book theme

Geeks typically love comic books. If you can find a light blue T-shirt with the Captain America logo on the front, it will make a great gift for a geek.

5. An anime theme

Geek girls especially love anime, a form of Japanese animation. If you can find a T-shirt with a famous female anime character (such as Yin from Darker Than Black), you’ll almost certainly make a geek girl happy when you present it to her as a gift.

Once you have an idea to create a great geek-themed T-shirt, you ought to be aware that you don’t even need to leave your PC to create and order it. You can get one online and have the T-shirt shipped to your residence.

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