5 Signs of a Well Run IT Department

The information technology, or IT, department is one of the most important sections of any business. It ensures that the company’s computers and telecommunication equipment all store, transmit, retrieve and manipulate data properly. It’s critical that an IT department operates smoothly. Here are five signs of a well oiled IT department.

Employees are aligned with things They are Good at

It’s important to have the right people in the right seats. A productive IT department has its employees in job roles that they excel at so that the team as a whole functions optimally.

If some workers perform better than others, then they should also be provided with assignments that are big opportunities for the business. This can help the company to be propelled forward and gain even more success.


For any business department to operate to the best of its ability, it’s crucial that its members communicate at all times. If someone does not understand something, they should be comfortable enough to speak up and ask for help instead of brushing the problem under the rug.

Focused on Results, Not the Time Clock

If an IT department has workers who are on salary, they should set clear goals that will take about 40 hours per week to complete instead of an inflexible clock in/clock out system. Having a flexible schedule will permit employees to work remotely if necessary and to manage their own time. This shows that the employer trusts their workers, which is always good.

Avoiding Blame

In any person’s professional life, there will be times that they make mistakes or things simply will not pan out the way that they had hoped they would. Successful IT departments conduct post-mortems to find out what went wrong and learn from them. If an individual person was at fault, it is best that they are talked to privately and not thrown under the bus. Publicly blaming individuals creates a bad work environment for everyone.

Work as a Team

Believe it or not, sometimes working as one unit with other people can be more difficult than it sounds. If everyone in the IT department knows exactly what they need to do to help the entire group operate smoothly, then the business will thrive. Communication, trust, and good relationships with other employees are all ingredients to help an IT department function as one to build the ultimate IT governance.

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