5 Reliable Blogs to Consult When You’re Appraising Jewelry

So you’ve found a beautiful, brightly colored gemstone in your dearly departed grandmother’s attic and you have no idea what it’s worth. The best thing to do is contact a jewelry appraiser.

Maybe you need to check online first to see what’s available. Fortunately for you, there are five reliable blogs for appraising jewelry.

1. thejewelryappraiser.com

This website claims to be run by an independent certified jewelry appraiser who’s a member of the American Gem Society. At thejewelryappraiser.com, each appraiser utilizes only high-tech equipment to analyze and determine just how much jewelry is worth.

These appraiser’s documents are accepted by auction houses, insurance companies, and even attorneys.

2. the LA Jewelry Appraiser

The LA Jewelry Appraiser blog is run by a professionally trained gemologist and appraiser who has more than 20 years of experience in the areas of retail, manufacture, and appraisal. The site provides services such as examination of the jewelry in question, research of the jewelry’s history, and a full report on the jewel’s worth.

Each report is detailed, and provides everything that needs to be known about the jewel.

3. Jewelry Appraisal Center

Through this blog, you can actually purchase a jewelry appraisal kit for yourself. This could eliminate having to leave your jewelry with people you do not know, and it also allows for privacy.

Also, you don’t have to worry about shipping costs, appointments, or the chance that your jewels might get lost in transit. This do-it-yourself blog is sometimes the best way to go with jewelry appraisals. All questions about this service are provided on the blog.

4. Jewelry Appraisers of America

This appraisal blog is based in Tampa, Florida, and has more than four decades of experience combined. The appraisers are recognized by most major insurance companies and also wholesale jewelers. The Jewelry Appraisers of America use an independent laboratory where they conduct the most accurate appraisals of any gemstone or jewel.

5. Accredited Jewelry Appraisers

This business is primarily an accredited diamond and gem appraiser. They also specialize in antique or period-style jewelry. These professionals look at several different factors when evaluating gemstones. They consider color, cut, clarity , weight, and enhancement when determining the worth of your gem piece.

If you have an exquisite piece of jewelry and you have no idea what it’s worth, you should visit a jewelry appraiser to know for certain. Many of these appraisal sites also specialize in jewelry restoration. If you’re based in central Indiana, The Gold Cobbler in Indianapolis can perform this service.

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