5 Reasons Sharing Your Mobile Location Matters

location sharing

Mobile phones and technology are, arguably, the biggest technological advancement the world has seen in the past few decades. For businesses, mobile presents a new challenge to business, but with over 6.4 billion mobile connected devices attached to people around the globe, according to an article on the Huffington Post, they are also a goldmine of opportunity, especially in terms of marketing.

Mobile Marketing and Its Magic

In simple terms, mobile marketing is any promotional activity that’s specifically designed to be delivered to an audience via mobile devices. The methods are many and constantly evolving, especially since mobile tech is moving so quickly.

According to Grace Chan of Wanderful Media, what sets mobile marketing apart from more traditional forms is the enormous potential it gives advertisers, providing direct access to customers and creating an infinite number of commerce opportunities. One of the most beneficial things about mobile marketing is the intimate and ongoing relationship that can be built with the customer.

SMS: The Gateway

Mobile marketing can provide a number of marvelous customer experiences including sharing exclusive content via photo, video, or audio, provide branded experiences inside apps and optimized content while also helping marketers collect leads and send automated follow-ups. According to OpenMarket, the best way in is through SMS because almost everyone already uses it. SMS is an exceptional way for companies to engage in marketing, allowing them to easily present a call-to-action with opportunities for up-selling. Additionally, with the low level of commitment necessary, customers don’t feel threatened.

One of the greatest tools for marketers and customers alike are the location services that mobile devices offer. They are a treasure trove of useful and time-saving information as well as store deals and discounts. Here are some of the great location services offered through phone apps, compiled on Slideshare by Enterprise Social Technology .

1. Weather

Based on where the user is standing, they can be told exactly what weather is heading their way without having to type anything because the GPS based location services already have that figured out.

2. Shopping

Location services are big for shopping for both consumer and vendor. Stores can send out offers and guide customers to their preferences with apps like Find&Save or iBeacon technology that track location and send promotions based on which shopping mall or grocery store aisle they are in.

3. Maps and Transit

Smartphone maps are the new GPS, they alert users to traffic, transport glitches, help plan vacations, and make it almost impossible for them to get lost. Tied in with the maps, location based apps have become the best way to navigate through traffic heavy cities and are a huge time-saver for most people. Apps offer the latest traffic information, let people communicate with transit police, and find the nearest public transport location and times.

4. Breaking News

There’s apps dedicated to letting users know any breaking news that might be happening in the area. The geo-tags are so accurate that even journalists are relying on it as a source of news.

5. Photos

Geo-tagged photos are a new way of organizing the users memories and provide a digital catalog of the world. There’s a number of apps that use this method and with the ubiquity of photos it’s as fun as it is informational.

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