5 Reasons Bankruptcy Is the Answer


People seek the protection of bankruptcy out of desperation and to get back on track at making a vigilant effort in managing their finances. Bankruptcy in particular, is designed to halt lawsuits, judgments, garnishments, repossessions and foreclosures that barrage consumers until their days are overrun with creditors and fear of losing their very employment, and there are 5 incredibly valid reasons that bankruptcy is the answer.

Bankruptcy Can Keep a Roof Over Your Head

One of the best reasons for seeking bankruptcy is to keep your home. While filing for bankruptcy doesn’t lower payments, it does forgive certain debts in order to get homeowners back on track financially and in a position to actually make their house payments once again. Once mortgage payments become delinquent, debtors will need to catch up through a repayment plan in order to avoid foreclosure proceedings. Bankruptcy proceedings essentially buy time and allow council to make recommendations for success.

Bankruptcy Helps Clear the Slate Pertaining to Unforeseen Medical Debts

Medical debt is the number one reason for filing bankruptcy in the US. Some of the most aggressive re-payment organizations are those affiliated with hospitals and medical-services. Unlike typical creditors, once a bill becomes as little as 30 to 60 days delinquent, medical facilities push collections out to agencies who make things ten times worse for debtors. Last year alone, 56 million adults reported struggling to pay healthcare costs.

Bankruptcy Stops Repossession

Often, one of the first assets to be the target of repossession is a car. Unfortunately, most people require their transportation in order to work, get the children where they need to go, and to provide the daily groceries. Bankruptcy stops repossession and can restructure payments in order to avoid a worse situation.

Bankruptcy Halts Annoying Collection Attempts

One of the worst experiences associated with living in debt is having to manage the unreasonable amount of creditor calls and attempts at fair-harassment. Collection agencies stop at nothing short of unscrupulous to rattle debtors and bully them to the extent they fret with every ring of the telephone. Bankruptcy halts annoying collection attempts and provides a light at the end of the tunnel.

Bankruptcy Is a Fresh Start

When someone files for bankruptcy, it is a more than humbling experience. Consumers appreciate the relief awarded to them, and work diligently in order to never have to experience a similar situation. Emotionally, socially and professionally, bankruptcy can provide a fresh start and help ordinary people settle their debt in order to regain control.

Saving crucial property like a residence or transportation in addition to eliminating overwhelming debt and establishing a realistic plan for future financial success is the right choice. While being in debt can be psychologically upsetting and result in many tangible consequences, it doesn’t have to last. Debtors are immediately relived of these troubling scenarios and one again able to focus on a solution to their monetary problems. Getting back to normal is the ultimate reason to file Bankruptcy.

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