5 Professions That Might Need ACLS Training

ACLS certification is becoming increasingly popular in the medical field. While it’s not federally required by any agency, it is an easy way for hospitals and medical centers to weed out applicants. If an HR Manager is looking at 100 applications for the same job, a quick and easy way to whittle down that pile is to consider ACLS recertification. After all, this narrows down the applicants who are most up to date on triage, patient care and best practices. While ACLS requirements are a choice and vary from place to place, here are 5 professions that might need it.

1. Nursesa

From nurse practitioners (NPs) to those with doctorate degrees in nursing (DNPs) and everything in between, more hospitals and clinics are requiring nurses to have ACLS training. Nurses are often the first professional a patient sees who can administer care and services. It’s important that nurses are up to date on the latest best practices.

2. Physicians

Depending on the field, physicians are required to keep up with a lot of additional training. However, some hospitals are requiring MDs to also keep up ACLS recertification. The purpose of ACLS is to ensure that patients receive the latest, most up to date care and information. Since that’s the purpose of MDs, it makes sense that more employers are requiring ACLS.

3. Medical Assistants

These professionals are often a first point of contact for patients. In emergency situations, every second counts, which is why it’s paramount that MAs have the most current patient care training. This is also a field that’s saturated with applicants, so weeding out the most qualified is critical.

4. EMTs

Emergency medical teams are made up of a lot of different professionals, and when it’s an urgent situation, patients require the best care. Many employers of EMTs require ACLS training so that–in a tough situation–the latest techniques are used.

5. Firefighters

Most of the time, firefighters are the first people to get to an emergency situation. Well before the police and EMTs, firefighters are on the scene and they do a lot more than put out the flames. Firefighters are also trained in CPR, which is why more of them are getting ACLS training. There’s no time to wait for a medical professional to get there a lot of the times, and lives are in the hands of firefighters. This is also a very competitive career, and certification is a great way to stand out.

For someone looking to get into a medical career, or any career that deals with emergency situations, opting for ACLS certification is wise. It makes an applicant stand out, not to mention potentially saving a life.

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