5 New Tech Tools for the Modern Office

Ready to amp up your office with some of the latest tech tools? Here’s a list of all the devices and tools that today’s office should have!

Most of these solutions can replace multiple old-fashioned devices and encourage greater efficiency of your company’s workflow. It’s time for a little accountability: Are you taking advantage of all these opportunities?

1. Tablet/Hybrid

Tablet computers have grown from oddities to a widely accepted part of today’s work environment. They’re larger than smartphones, more portable than laptops, and can accomplish a broad variety of computer-related tasks. They can even help you communicate with customers more easily or complete transactions more quickly.

Hybrid tablets offer similar advantages but can also be swiveled into a more traditional laptop for some fast typing.

2. Pocket projectors

Pocket projectors have come a long way in recent years. Today’s options are highly portable but still project a clean image on any available flat wall. In today’s flat organizations they can replace a lot of old, bulky components like screens, large projectors, and similar devices.

They can be hooked up to phones, tablets, and computers alike, sometimes with wireless capabilities as well. Make office meetings easier on everyone by switching to these tiny projectors.

3. External hard drive

External hard drives make it easy to move large amounts of information around, regardless of what type of network you’re using. Whether you want to break out of information silos and share information across departments, or just create a back-up of all your current projects, an external hard drive can be your friend.

4. Remote all-in-one printer

All-in-one printers can copy, print, or scan as needed. The most recent versions also have Wi-Fi technology that allows them to connect to local networks so you can print remotely.

These devices can help companies cut back on wasted paper and make a very affordable alternative to the massive copiers that companies often used to use. In today’s digital environment, you may only need one or two all-in-one printers for the whole office.

5. Evernote

All right, this is not exactly a device, but the Evernote series of apps and software is immensely useful, not only for taking notes but for sharing schedules, documents, and plans. Some type of collaborative software is necessary in today’s business world, and Evernote provides one of the fullest services.

However, feel free to look for a similar service that matches your needs!

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