5 Must-Have Furniture Items for Your Telecommuting Job

For many people, a telecommuting position is a dream come true. No rush-hour traffic, no office gossip … just your work and you. Working from home can increase productivity and can be an attractive option for employers who wish to reduce expenses.

Depending on your industry, telecommuting can offer you an invaluable amount of flexibility. The important thing to remember when considering the telecommuting option is to make sure your home office has all the tools you will need to continue to thrive and be successful in your field.

Here are five items that will make your work as a telecommuter much easier.

1. Adequate desk space

This goes without saying, but a desk is an important tool for telecommuters. After all, you need somewhere to work. There are many types of desks to choose from, but the right one depends on your job.

Will you have a lot of equipment (for example, a computer, telephone, copier, fax machine, etc.), or will you just be using your laptop? The amount of equipment you need will determine whether you need a larger- or smaller-sized desk.

2. Comfortable chair

Since you’ll probably be spending most of your day in it, a comfortable chair is essential to your success as a telecommuter. When deciding on one, try to buy a chair that’s ergonomic. An ergonomic chair will help reduce the amount of stress on sensitive areas of your body like your back and shoulders.

3. Storage space

The ability to stay organized is something that cannot be overlooked when you’re proposing to telecommute. A normal office building has storage bins and closets to reduce clutter and keep everything in order, so your own home office should too.

4. Footrest

Footrests in your home office are a good investment for many reasons. Their job is to help keep your knees bent and feet elevated (and prevent you from slouching) just enough to reduce the amount of stress placed on your legs and feet.

It’s important that you take all the necessary steps to make your home office healthy and comfortable so you’ll be able to function successfully as a telecommuter.

5. Desk light

One last item you should consider adding to your home office before you begin telecommuting is a desk lamp. While the your home office may already have an overhead or room light, sometimes those lights can be too bright or dim for desk work.

Plus, if you’re a person who suffers from migraines or chronic headaches, bright lights can often trigger an attack. Having a small desk light is a great way for you to see your work properly without causing any unnecessary health issues.

Finding the perfect furniture for your home office doesn’t have to be hard or even time-consuming. The Internet makes it easy to find and purchase everything you need without leaving your home.

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