5 Must-Have Fashion Accessories for Fall and Winter

This holiday season, clothing retailers are scrambling. Shopping days are limited, and those “must-have” items are few and far between.

Still, those of us who aren’t pining for the latest PlayStation or iPad know of a few cold-weather accessories we’d love to unwrap on Christmas morning. Here’s a list of five items that are sure to please the fashionista on your holiday list.

1. The cable knit cowl

Bid a fond adieu to the chunky infinity scarves of last season. This year is all about the cable-knit, over-the-shoulder cowl.

Designer Maria Dora, who wasn’t the film’s costume designer, nonetheless sparked a fashion frenzy with the sweater and leather combination actress Jennifer Lawrence wore as Katniss Everdeen in the recently released sequel to The Hunger Games film, Catching Fire.

Both comfy and fiercely cool, the cable cowl is a stunning way to warm up any outfit.

2. A little leather

Speaking of the Katniss Everdeen outfit that’s caused such a stir, a little leather is an essential part of this year’s look. A tapered bomber, waist high or even creeping up into the mid-back, is a totally versatile and adorable accessory. Black or tan, as long as it’s fitted and waist high or above, it’s chic.

3. Clever boot cuffs

As a DIY spin on winter style, instead of trading in those knee high boots from fall, winterize them with a touch of knit warmth. Since most of us don’t like to wear chunky socks unless we’re going sledding, boot cuffs are a way to keep that cute sock-above-the-boot look without sacrificing comfort.

If there’s someone on your list who loves her knee-high kicks, she’ll die when you throw a pair of cuffs into her stocking.

4. A shock of fur

Animal cruelty is a serious issue, and not one that should be overlooked in the name of fashion. However, there are lots of ways to score fur — buying vintage, local, or Native American — that don’t involve animal cruelty.

Some of these ways are even considered sustainable. Wearing vintage is technically recycling!

So try to keep your head about fur, and you can wear it with passion and pride. This season, a fur bomber jacket, stole, and fur trim are the hot items, and the fluffier the better. His-and-hers furs are hitting the scene, so surprise your trendy fella with some fur-lined accessories.

5. A classic cape

Maybe it’s that movie about hobbits, or our permanent passion for masked avengers, but capes are a classic staple that never seem to go out of style. This season is no exception.

Versatile and unique, capes make a great personalized gift. Instead of buying her the same hot item everyone else has, you can choose a cape that suits her personality and style. If your honey loves plaid (also trending this year) go for something with straight lines and leather trim. If someone prefers the earthy-boho look, look for a cape with fringe or a fur hood.

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