5 Must-Have Apps for Better Health

Your phone can do just about anything, including give you the tools to be happier and healthier. With the health apps listed below, you can manage and improve your diet, mental health, medication, and so much more.

Check out these five excellent smartphone apps to improve your health.

1. Medscape

If you’re looking to get medical news and information right from the source, look no further. Medscape is the top app used by doctors, nurses, and medical students; and best of all, it’s free.

Medscape is just one of WebMD’s mobile apps. Others cover everything from general medicine and diagnosis to information about allergies and pregnancy trackers.

2. Epocrates

Have you ever wondered how much medicine to take or what the correct child dose would be? This app has everything you need to know about medication, identifying pills, and plenty of resources to help you make sure you’re taking the right medicine and the right amount.

3. Operation Reach Out

Managing your mental health can be tricky, especially when it’s hard to reach out and ask for help. This app is one of the many out there that aim to give people the tools they need to get help and recognize that they deserve to be helped.

Operation Reach Out focuses on resources for people who are feeling suicidal, but there are also apps out there for just about every mental health issue.

4. My Fitness Pal

If you’re looking to lose weight or just improve your diet, this is the app for you. It help you track what you eat, how many calories you take in, and how many you’re burning off during the day.

This free app makes losing weight a simple math equation and shows you the progress you’re making.

5. KidsDental

It can be a struggle to get kids excited about brushing their teeth, even though it’s important to form good brushing habits early on. This app teaches kids how to brush and even makes brushing fun.

Of course there’s no substitute for a trip to a dental clinic, but this app will help keep your little one on track between visits.

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