5 Most Expensive Halloween Masks

Halloween is a time for people to show their unique personality and become something they could only dream of becoming. For a brief time in the month of October, people create or purchase their own costumes and Halloween masks that will allow them to become whatever it is they are trying to impersonate.

While most Halloween costumes and masks are priced to sell and extremely affordable, some are not. If you are trying to come up with some unique Halloween costume ideas that will really break the bank, then consider purchasing one of these five most expensive Halloween masks or costumes.

The Fish Mascot Mask

It’s hard to imagine that a costume of a random fish could be so expensive, but it is. Some Halloween costume retailers had a fish costume that retailed for over $1,200. While this costume might not seem all that from the outside, it’s what is inside that really counts.

This fish costume has an amazing amount of features on the inside. There is an electronic fan to help keep the wearer cool and there is enough a high-quality mesh screen to allow people to talk to each other while in the costume. These features are what raise the price of this unique fish costume.

The Medieval Suit of Armor

The random medieval suit of armor always seems to be around when people in movies need it, but the high cost of the costume that resembles the suit of armor might make it not so easily accessible. A Halloween costume retailer listed an entire suit of armor costume at just under $10,000, which is a lot more than the average Halloween costume costs.

The Human Slinky Costume

The human slinky costume was just too unique and too high priced to miss being listed as one of the top five most expensive Halloween masks. This whole-body costume complete with a facial mask retails for over a million dollars, but it really looks like a life sized slinky.

If there are dreams of becoming the next human slinky for Halloween, keep in mind that only a handful of these costumes are made every year. But think of the reaction party guests will have when a life sized slinky walks into the room.

Special Edition Halo 3 Costume

This special edition Halo 3 costume and mask might break the bank, but it will make anyone who wears it feel like they have just walked straight out of the video game and entered the real world. A men’s special edition Halo 3 costume averages approximately $800. Wearers will have to carefully weigh the desire to feel like a character from a favorite video game with the need to save.

Star Wars Darth Vader Masks

Walk into any Halloween costume store and there are sure to be several dozen Darth Vader masks, but not one of them looks authentic. People looking for an authentic looking Darth Vader mask can expect to pay around $600 for one. While on the pricy side, this mask will make any avid Star Wars fan feel like the legendary movie character.

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