5 Misconceptions about Geeks


Geeks might be trending now thanks to graphic novels cum movies having mass appeal and shows like “The Big Bang Theory.” However, there are still plenty of misconceptions about geeks that are worth addressing. Just like any stereotype, there are certainly some that ring true for certain members of the demographic. However, not all geeks are Mt. Dew-slugging anti social types living in basements.

Here are some of the biggest stereotypes about geeks that need to be de-bunked pronto. Isn’t it time geeks went totally chic instead of reverting back to outdated archetypes?

1. They don’t know how to dress

People still think geeks either don’t know how to dress, don’t care about their appearance, or only wear graphic tees that hint at their specific geeky leanings. The reality is that geeks, just like anyone else, can be stylish trendsetters, too. In fact, Every Day Health reports that dressing good makes you feel good, and geeks are exactly the type of people to consider that kind of research when dressing.

2. They don’t work out

Geeks are just as likely to work out as anyone else, but perhaps for different reasons. Yes, some of them may care about looking awesome in their next Comic-Con outfit, but geeks are probably very well versed on the Centers for Disease Control’s touted benefits of exercise. For a demographic that’s often surrounded by tech and machinery, why wouldn’t they take care of their most important “machine” of all?

3. They live with their parents

Actually, the entire millennial population is more inclined to live with their patient than any generation before them. However, geeks by nature are more attuned to education and therefore more likely to be qualified for a job that allows them to be independent.

4. They’re socially awkward

Geeks might not always be the life of the party at the bar, but that’s just one of many potential social situations. When they’re in their zone, whether it’s hosting a D&D event or LARPing, there’s a wide variety of sociable geeks. Not everyone is into the same scene, and it’s natural for anyone to be more outgoing where they feel at home.

5. They have no romantic partners

Finding love or even a hookup isn’t easy for anyone. However, geeks may have more niche standards than other people. After all, if they want to find someone who has the same views on Marvel vs. DC as them, that makes the dating pool much smaller.

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