5 Free Things Every Customer Loves

These days, every customer counts.

So why are companies losing them? The excuses customers give for jumping ship vary greatly, but the main reason clients bail on businesses is the feeling of indifference toward their products or services.
To counteract their ambivalence, it’s critical that companies make sure their customers feel and perceive that they want to stay. One of the best techniques for doing this is to show gratitude for client’s patronage with freebees. A recent study even reported that free gifts will increase customer retention. Here are five free gifts that are guaranteed to woo them back time and time again.


Sometimes, the quickest way to a customer’s heart is not through their chest, but through their stomach. Tasty treats is one thing universally loved around the globe. When businesses tempt their customer’s taste-buds with yummy goodies, there is no telling how many people could show up.

Consider using the following foods:

–          Individually wrapped chocolates
–          Cupcakes
–          Mints
–          Finger foods such as tiny sandwiches

Free Shipping

This may go unnoticed by a lot of companies, but with the amount of products people are buying on the web now-a-days, free shipping is always appreciated, especially when it’s internationally.

Something that can be Shared

Giving a free gift that a customer can also share with a friend or loved one is both unique and unexpected. Coupons for a dinner for two, a pair of tickets to a local show or even a couple’s massage are all free items that can benefit businesses because it’s an effective way to improve loyalty while also increasing referrals at the same time.

Smart-Phone Accessories

Business owners don’t have to give customers expensive accessories for their iPhones or Blackberries to get noticed. But simple smart-phone accessories, such as phone stands or headphones, can make all of the difference. In a world that’s forever connected to its smart-phone, free gadgets as gifts will always be sure to draw potential clients in and get a business’s products noticed.

Companies can even go a step further and give out computer accessories as free gifts. Screen and keyboard cleaners that include a company’s logo, USB flash drives and mouse pads are all items that customers will enjoy using in their everyday lives.


If a business is going to be successful, they also need to be available 24/7. Giving customers the chance to shop, browse or search for items right from their iPhone gives them an initiative to become interested in a company. Apps for smart-phones are free things customers love because they are interactive and helpful while they are on the go.

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