5 Flattering Styles for the Mother Of The Bride

Every detail about a wedding is important, from the catering to the flowers to the fashion choices. A bride should wear a gown that makes her look beautiful, and the attire worn by the bridal party should also be flattering. Additionally, the mother of the bride should look appealing and feel comfortable. The mother of a bride might choose from an assortment of styles that are appropriate for the occasion.

Banded Waist

One way to flatter the waistline in an elegant manner is to wear a gown with a banded waist. This look may be especially suited to women who are not especially curvy because it makes the waist appear smaller than it is. It’s important to adhere to the theme that the bride and groom have chosen for the wedding, whether that theme is casual or formal. A formal gown might be sewn with a waistband adorned with several rows of tiny beads. To achieve a similar effect with a casual dress, a woman might choose a pretty belt to cinch the waist beautifully.

Halter Dress

Halter dresses are as in vogue now as they were in the 1970s. An updated version of this vintage style could look incredible on a woman with shoulders that are either strong or delicate. As The Knot contributor Heather Levine points out, the angled cut of a halter gown complements the shoulders. This cut can be found in both formal and casual styles, and it looks great with a chunky bracelet or with drop earrings.

The Silhouette    

The silhouette dress is an excellent choice for a formal wedding event. Such dresses come in a diversity of materials, from velvet to silk to lace. When designed in the right way, this type of gown accentuates a curvy figure perfectly. If a silhouette dress has short sleeves or no sleeves, it may be gorgeously accompanied by a shrug sweater or velvet stole. However, if the bride has chosen this type of dress, the mother might consider a different style (unless the bride has mentioned that she would prefer that her mother wear a similar style).

Column Dress

A great choice for a tall woman with a lean frame could be a column dress. If this type of dress comes with thin straps and a billowing skirt, it may look both modern and feminine. The best accessory for this style might be a hat with a wide brim. According to Wedding Ideas Magazine contributor Jade Pepperell, the mother of the bride might even wear a statement flower in her hair.


If a woman works out regularly or has naturally lovely legs, a knee-length dress might be an excellent choice. This kind of dress may be designed in a variety of styles and cuts. A conservative choice might be a sheath with no sleeves, while a more romantic option could be a long-sleeved style with a flowing skirt that grazes the knees.

Regarding Color Choice

The choice of color should generally be pre-approved by the bride. A bride may want her mother to wear a color that is similar to her gown or to the bridesmaid dresses. White, black, and shockingly bright shades should typically be avoided, unless the bride requests that her mother wear one of these hues.

A wedding is always an exciting and memorable occasion. According to wedding sytlist La Belle Femme, the bride should feel beautiful on this day, and so should her mother. Women have numerous choices from which to select, so they can look great at such events. With a little planning and thought, the mother of the bride can find the perfect ensemble to wear on this special day.

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