5 Facts About Back Pain

Work life can lead to excessive strain on back muscles and spinal structures, through repetitive motions, cramped postures, and straining to lift heavy objects. Domestic life may cause further back problems, if stress relief is not managed properly. Learn more about acute discomfort or long-term back conditions, get a diagnosis and seek treatment such as Seattle chiropractic relief, stress management, and more.

1. Stress Can Lead to Back Issues

Patients suffering from stress at work or at home may develop acute or long-term symptoms of back pain. Depending on posture and tasks completed under pressure, tension may build in the shoulder and neck areas. Stressors can increase the severity of existing conditions, such as arthritis. Practice stress relief in the office and at home to reduce tension and pain in back muscles. Go for walks during breaks, remove oneself from a stressful environment or situation if possible, decrease caffeine intake, and increase daily physical fitness.

2. Work and repetition can cause Injury

The human body was not made to sit at an office desk for eight hours a day. Muscles are contorted into unnatural positions, repetitive movement syndrome can develop, and muscles can lose strength through disuse. Consider changing work postures by working at a standing desk occasionally, consider investing in a more ergonomic workstation, and do daily calisthenics. For those lifting heavy items such as inventory or equipment, look into safe lifting strategies and utilize a lumbar support belt.

3. Back pain relief can remedy other issues

Since the spine is the center of the nervous system communications in the body, some conditions can be relieved by diagnosing and treating back pain. When affected by back pain, a patient may dramatically adjust their posture or gait, leading to muscle cramps or tendonitis in other areas of the body. Pain is also the body’s way of notifying a person of a medical issue. Be sure to check in with a health professional regarding back issues, in case a herniated disc or other condition is diagnosed. An early diagnosis allows patients to avoid serious complications in the future.

4. Back pain can lead to mobility problems

Cramped postures can lead to weakened or tense back, shoulder and neck muscles. Without treatment, these issues can build in severity, decreasing flexibility and mobility. Pain can also cause patients to use different motions to compensate, leading to further disuse of muscle groups. If mobility and flexibility becomes hampered due to back pain, consider physical therapy, chiropractic aid, heat therapy, and stretches to help relieve tension and restore a range of motion.

5. Back pain can often be treated without surgery

There are a number of home and physical therapy options to treat back pain, without resorting to the risks and financial commitment of surgery. Get a diagnosis for back pain and consult with a doctor before pursuing a treatment. Acupuncture, acupressure, stretching, physical therapy, chiropractic, and therapeutic massage are just some of the avenues to explore for back pain relief.


Modern lifestyles and pre-existing diseases and conditions can all factor into back discomfort. Getting an early diagnosis can help patients identify larger health issues and treat back issues effectively. There are a number of remedies available to help reduce tension, restore mobility, and live without back pain.

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