5 Easy Decorating Tips to Get the Wow Factor

Quick, simple little changes in your home’s décor can change the look and feel of an entire room. Whether you reupholster the furniture with vintage draperies or wallpaper a bookcase, it can all come together to create a certain atmosphere.

Here are five super-easy and quick ways to change the ambiance in your home.

1. Paint old furniture

Painting a cheap piece of furniture will not only make it look new, but give it loads of character as well. Today, many homeowners are looking for authenticity and real character rather than simply following what everyone else is doing.

They want to be unique. Buying inexpensive furniture at a place like a garage sale or an estate sale is a great way to find just the right piece you’re looking for. Add your own unique touches to bring it to life.

You’d be surprised how many people go this route instead of buying something new, because it’s a fun adventure as well as extremely frugal.

2. Cover an entire wall with vintage plates

In your dining room, use one wall as a backdrop to display a collection of beautiful vintage plates. You can find second-hand items like these virtually anywhere online, at flea markets, or garage sales.

Covering the entire wall  makes an enormous visual impact and with many attractive focal points. Also, no one else in the world will have this display but you.

3. Wallpaper your window shades

Want to do something fun with your plain, boring window shades? Wallpaper them to give them over-the-top character and charm.

You can pick up inexpensive vinyl window shades virtually anywhere. Vinyl shades are the easiest to work with. Ideally, the pattern and color should complement the existing furnishings in the room.

This trend is getting more popular because it’s a cheap decorative tool and outrageously creative and fun.

4. Float your furniture

Ever walk into a room and notice that every piece of furniture is pushed up against the walls of the room? Arranging all the furniture against every wall is an out-of-date configuration.

Getting the furniture off the walls and floating the pieces in the space actually makes a room appear larger and adds a touch of savvy and sophistication. Use an extra-large area rug to anchor all the pieces and create a sense of unity.

This also gives the room a more intimate and friendly feeling as well.

5. Reupholster your furniture with classic old draperies

Every aspect of a well-designed room should have its own story to tell. It should have character, uniqueness, and personality. This includes everything from furniture to artwork to window treatments.

Thus, if a few pieces of your furniture might be in need of reupholstering, try giving them a punch-up of pizzazz by using leftover drapery you once loved and turning your furniture into artwork. This is a great idea for any room, but especially a family room where the atmosphere is more casual and fun.

Home improvement and decorating shouldn’t be that hard or expensive. You just need a little creativity and time.

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