5 Adventures You Can Only Find in Africa

Africa offers a broad range of adventures that are entirely unique. From viewing exotic wildlife to kayaking along an African river, the possibilities are amazing. Those who travel to Africa for adventure are certain to return home with stories to tell for a lifetime.

Kayaking Along the Coast of Mozambique

According to National Geographic Adventure contributor David Case, it can be tough to get around in Mozambique. This is one reason that going on a kayaking tour of the area can be a great idea. Tourists can see gorgeous coral reefs, picturesque fishing villages, stunning turquoise waters, and unforgettable sunsets. They may also view dolphins, turtles, coconut crabs, and hundreds of different bird species.

Riding an Ostrich

In South Africa, ostrich riding is one of the many memorable adventures that visitors may enjoy. This is an ideal family activity because it’s also an educational experience for kids of all ages. People can take guided tours of an ostrich farm, and they are allowed to ride the animals, as well. Visitor may also watch large groups of ostriches as they wander in their habitat. Oudtshoorn is referred to as the “ostrich capital of the world”, so visiting an ostrich farm in the area is sure to be an adventure to remember (especially when the visit includes an ostrich ride).

Going on a Photo Safari

One of the most popular adventures in Africa is the photo safari. Going on such a journey enables people to capture via photography the beauty of the immense landscape and the incredible variety of wildlife. According to travel expert Roho Ya Chui, capturing such exotic creatures with an ordinary camera limits a photographer greatly. Using proper equipment to get such complex shots is generally advisable. With professional guidance and much practice, even an amateur photographer can take some magnificent pictures of this spectacular area and its inhabitants. Whether a traveler is photographing the sights in Kenya, Botswana, or South Africa, the experience is apt to be unique.

Camping in Tanzania

People can go camping at destinations across the world, but a camping trip in Tanzania promises to be a trip like no other. Depending on where they are in this East African country and at what time of year they are there, visitors might see hippopotamus, zebras, elephants, leopards, giraffes, lions, and other beasts that inspire awe. Other highlights of a camping journey in Tanzania may include hiking to see a waterfall, waking up to a stunning sunrise, or viewing an enormous crater.

Seeing the Biggest Green Canyon on the Planet

Blyde River Canyon, in South Africa, is often referred to as the “largest green canyon in the world”. According to Peggy Goldman in an article for the Huffington Post, seeing the canyon from both the bottom and the top is the best way to maximize the experience. The lush greenery, red sandstone, and long, winding river will all leave an indelible impression on anyone who views this vast canyon. Additionally, an impossibly tall waterfall (shaped like a human face) is located at Blyde River Canyon.

Traveling to Africa may be one of the most exciting experiences of a lifetime. Adventure abounds all across the continent. No matter which locations they choose, visitors will not soon forget their uniquely African adventures.

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