4 Ways to Promote Your Tech Gadget

So you’ve got yourself a cool gadget idea or prototype, and you’re hoping to promote it? You’re going to find quite a competitive atmosphere on the ‘net, and it’s only going to get more competitive, as more people come online with the notion of using it as their primary source of business activity and selling.

So how can you cut through the clutter? Here are four ways to promote your tech gadget.

1. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a great way to raise money to manufacture or distribute a product, as well as advertise and promote it. Sites like Kickstarter have funded a staggering $849 million in projects from a total of 5 million backers who have contributed. It’s no longer an unknown and underutilized method of promotion for gadgets. It may be the very best way to get started.

2. Social media contests

Of course, social media is a necessity for any product or business, these days. But it’s the contests on social media that are particularly great for promoting something new. The built-in virality that you can harness with Facebook services like Wildfire makes it so.

If you inform participants that telling their friends gets them extra chances to win, your marketing will spread like … well, wildfire!

3. Go offline

It’s a concept that many people assume is all but extinct, but offline marketing actually still works in many ways. It’s even starting to become competitive in terms of costs.

Event marketing in particular is a form of marketing that’s unlikely ever to go away, because it connects into a complex eco-system of innovation, marketing, and fun. Getting your gadget seen at relevant trade shows and consumer events is a great way to generate word of mouth, buzz, and ultimately, sales!

4. Text

Texting and SMS gateways are incredibly popular now, because everyone sends and receives texts.

This is probably the most controversial way to promote your product, but it’s really not an issue as long as you gain permission from the user and don’t abuse the privilege of communication with a barrage of constant advertising. Use text message advertising sparingly, and only for relevant products at relevant times!

A solid SMS gateway service such as Run the Red, which is based in New Zealand but has run campaigns in the US, Britain, Spain, and Brazil as well as the South Pacific, can helps you run a mobile marketing campaign. That can give you a big competitive advantage over other brands and nonprofits who are late to the game!

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