4 Ways to Make Your Home Safer for Pets

Before you add a new addition to your family, you must first make sure your home is a safe environment for the pet you choose to adopt. There are a number of domestic hazards that can put animals at risk, including chemical cleaners, toxic foods in the trash, electronics, and enclosures. Just like new parents child-proofing their homes, you must take steps to pet-proof your home so that your new family member can play and live safely.

Cable Management

Some pets go through a phase where they like to nibble at electronic cords. It is possible to train animals to avoid these items, however, they could be at risk for electrocution if they manage to chew through cable insulations. Use zip ties to secure dangling cords and try to move them out of your pet’s reach. If they persist in nibbling on cables, you can use protective cord covers with repelling flavors, such as strong citrus, to deter your pets from chewing cables.

Chemical Cleaners

Many household chemicals present a distinct threat to animals. While these substances might have ingredients that are also toxic to humans, adults know better than to eat them. However, your dog or cat doesn’t have the awareness to avoid these substances. If they accidentally knock over a cleaner, they might be tempted to taste it. You can avoid accidental poisoning by keeping your household cleaner on a high shelf behind cabinet doors, where your pet cannot reach them. You might also want to consider switching to pet-safe natural cleaners, so that your animals are not exposed to toxic substances right after you clean up.

Home Appliances

Keep an eye out for any nooks and crannies that your pet might get trapped in around home appliances, such as the gap between your wall and the washing machine. Try to block access to these areas so that your pets don’t find themselves trapped. Carefully inspect enclosures like the insides of your laundry machines and dishwasher before you run them, since pets might decide to use these areas as a hiding place.

Dangerous Food

Hang a list of human foods that are poisonous to your pet on the refrigerator. This will serve as a life-saving reminder in case your dog gets into a chocolate pie that fell onto the floor. Instruct your family to avoid feeding your pets these items.

Your new pet can thrive in a home that has been thoroughly pet-proofed. Home appliances, electronics, foods, and cleaners can pose significant risks to your pet. Address these concerns so that your new family member can safely explore your home.

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